His wife’s plea: The case for Julian Assange

Freddie Sayers meets Stella Moris, lawyer and wife of Julian Assange.

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The case of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who published huge troves of sensitive government documents and classified military logs, has been going on for over a decade. During that time Assange has been under house arrest, hidden from extradition inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London and since 2019 has been held in Belmarsh prison. During that time, he has married and had two children with a lawyer called Stella Moris. Moris first met Assange as a young lawyer working on his case, but is now a campaigner for his acquittal and an activist for press freedom.

Will Assange be remembered as a pioneer of the free internet or as one of its victims? With his extradition case looming, UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers met Stella Moris to hear her case for her husband, Julian Assange.

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00:00 – 01:18 – Introduction
01:18 – 03:55 – Stella Moris describes how she met Julian Assange
03:55 – 05:54 – What is Julian Assange like in person?
05:54 – 11:14 – What was it like being in a relationship with someone who was essentially imprisoned in an embassy in London?
11:14 – 15:37 – What is Julian’s mental state? What did his suffering look like?
15:37 – 19:01 – Is Julian technically a fugitive from the law, or not?
19:01 – 35:21 – Has the US government been plotting to catch, or even kill, Julian Assange?
35:21 – 44:40 – Is Wikileaks’s publishing of sensitive material really journalism?
44:40 – 48:57 – What kind of world does Julian Assange want to see?
48:57 – 54:15 – Has the dream of a free internet been killed off forever?
54:15 – 55:44 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. That was a really sad to listen to. Stella seems so frustrated and tired… It has been so so many years for them all. 

    If you've not seen it, this following interview (linked) was the first time Julian Assange had been heard from after his communication channels were cut off by the Ecuadorian embassy in March, 2018. It was also the very last time he was heard from publicly, as on 11th April 2019 Assange was carried out from the embassy by UK police and taken to Belmarsh Prison on the charge of having breached his bail conditions. It is definitely worth watching for context. there is lots of stuff about his thought, philosophy and also his treatment in in the embassy and by the press.

  2. I love and appreciate this interview but it does leave me with a slightly bad taste. I understand the tone UnHerd tries to stay within, very pro challenging and UnObvious and UnTakingSides. I get it and that's why most of us are here, but I think sometimes it might be good to ask "what do we need?" Do we really need to challenge and scrutinize this woman or do we need something else? Maybe we can ask her what does she think we need? What we can all do to make sure the brave work of this man isn't in vain?

    I think Freddie's ongoing questioning about freedom and the paradox of exposing secret information is not well though out. IMO, it's the result of someone that lives too much within the world of 'ideas' and would need hours of debate to reason their way out of ridiculous paradoxes to eventually get to what was blatantly obvious: if someone is secretly and deliberately commiting crimes against humanity, this must be exposed. Period. Yes, we all keep our privacy, including the gorvernment, but if there is any suspicion that human rights are being violated, let alone people being killed in secret, an ethical person is obligated to investigate and expose. This should be obvious to anyone that has contemplated on the role of wikileaks and whistleblowers

    I guess what I feel is that the interview didn't move my awareness forward in any way. It mostly circled around old questions (it was nice learning about Julian's and Stella's personal context though). Freddie, we all know you really dig wikileaks. Drop the poker face and come out of the closet!! It's good sometimes!

  3. The question is, is Freddie brave enough to interview the highly respected and fully impartial Nils Melzer on the subject. That was silly how Freddie tried to label Stella as partial when she was very clear and concise on facts.

  4. Also on a separate note, Freddy got it wrong! If we are a Government for the People by the People,Government as an institution does NOT have ‘free speech ‘. That applies to the People! In the US, the Bill of Rights applies to Government as a restrained on Government and NOT on the People!

  5. Im struggling to understand Freddies position and naivety on this issue. Deeply dissapointing! I am also ashamed that his and my country has done nothing to help him. I have a sliver of hope that the new Australian govt might do something, but that is unlikely. All the best to Julian and his family.

  6. Free Julian Assange he told and alerted people to the wicked evil Clintons he should be considered a HERO.But we have the evil in-charge so what do you expect ?

  7. The last video and discussions by Assange were around Smart Cities and Digital ID's. I find it interesting that despite him showing footage of war crimes from American Military and countless government documents, it wasn't until the discussions around these topics he was caught and imprisoned and hasn't been allowed to discuss anything else. The same happened with idiot David Icke in Australia, where he was always touring Australia and the moment he changed his discussions being about Aliens and Agenda 21, to talking about Smart Cities and Digital ID's, the tours were cancelled and he was banned from visiting Australia. I personally do not like Assange as a person, though I do like his work and I do believe we should all be supporting the opposition of imprisoning a person for releasing information crucial to the public, as this is the basis of Freedom of Information and Freedom of Press that we should all be defending especially with censorship! 🙂

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