Historic FLIP! Democrat Region FLIPS Republican By 20 Points!


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  1. While I greatly appreciate your devotion to showing the hypocrisy of the left, you too can take some time off. Never apologize to use for bringing us the news! Kudos to you! hopefully you can get a few days to yourself bud.

  2. This whole Democrat – Republican tug of war has been going on for centuries and I believe it's just another distraction from what's really going on. I think we have already lost our country. We have been betrayed by the demoncrats and abandoned by the republicans. NO ONE cares about the people anymore. Any government worth a dam would not put its own citizens in peril. Not only is this a call to arms but we MUST put God back in the center of our lives where He belongs. Im praying for a good, strong, MORAL leader who has courage . Any takers out there ?

  3. The left presumes all ethnic groups are all like minded. Nope. Individuals have individual minds. I know Hispanics who have family presence in Texas going back to Spanish ownership of Texas. They are as American as anyone else, work hard, salute the flag, build businesses, try to live the American dream. Many are Republicans too. How can that be? According to the dem party, they should all be dems. Well, they are not and they are not asleep, and just do not support the dem platform. Further, the worse the economy intentionally is destroyed, they will vote their pocket. Pretty simple.

  4. Notice the Dems don't seam to care about 2022? We will turn most of the country red and they know it. We can't vote ourselves out of this mess. I am concerned that they will burn the country and probably blame it on Russia before loosing power. They have come this far and will not be defeated and just give up power. Something really bad is coming probably after the election and before Jan 20. I pray that I'm wrong!

  5. The Democrat party deserves to go extinct for everything they've been pulling since time immemorial. They have always been the party of stoking hatred among people, of causing and maintaining division, of creating problems and stalling solutions, of meaningless chatter and even less action. The Democrat party has been at its absolute worst since 2016 and now finally needs to die.

  6. I turned Republican when I realized that President Trump was right about fake news.
    Let me list some Democrat failures: the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, identity politics, thugs running amok in our streets, liberal prosecutors letting thugs out into the street so they can keep committing crimes, tran@ies in women's sports, inflation and gas prices, getting us involved with another war because of aggressive NATO expansionism and sending somewhere north of 44 billion dollars of our taxpayer money to Ukraine, pushing green energy when it is nowhere near ready to meet our energy demands, the Hunter Biden laptop, a Supreme Court Justice who can't define what a woman is because she is not a biologist, and open borders.
    Biden is letting cartel members and terrorists into our country as we speak.
    Chinese made fentanyl is coming into our country through our open border because of that weak, demented crook Joe Biden. How long will it be before terrorists start dumping mass quantities of fentanyl in our water supplies?
    Did I miss anything?

  7. It is never Joe Biden’s fault no matter what it is. This is how pitiful this man is. He cannot accept responsibility for his failures, but lies about any success or takes it from who actually did it, as long as it was something good he will take the credit.

  8. It would be so ironic if Americans of Mexican (and other Spanish) descent were the ones who saved constitutional republican government from the woke mind virus-infected Left and its core of corrupt gerontocratic, kleptocratic white elites. I guess that's a bit unfair because its an incomplete statement. I forgot to included their Moldbugian policy masters in finance, media, and academia, the "brain bugs" of the woke hive mind.

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