Hitler phones Biden again

Downfall parody created by Hitler Rants Parodies

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  1. English is my second language and I haven't spoken it in about 10 years. I'm still pretty sure I can form sentences better from the top of my head than current US president using teleprompter.

  2. All American Politicians talk like they have frontal lobe brain damage. Despite the overwhelming presence in the comments section of MAGA Fools and other credulous bumpkins who enjoy being the marks of the defeated ConMan in Chief I must make the observation that in the post Watergate years only two Presidents could string together a coherent thought, and they were Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Ever read the transcript of a Trump speech?

  3. No one could write the script for stuttering, babbling Biden. He can make an ass of himself all by himself. The thought of Harris is just as frightening. Total incompetence. You schmucks voted for this pair of morons.

  4. Can’t believe he is falling apart right in front of the world, like him or not he is becoming more pitiful by the day. Leader of the free world and can barely form a sentence.

  5. This nation has come out victorious in so many wars, bec ame the leading economy on planet earth, the strongest country on planet earth, and has influenced its ideologies all throughout the globe with pride and grace, and now THI S!? Deseaced and non-citizens voting for an 80 year old who thinks people who are around 30 years younger are too old to vote for him?! I have lost my fai th in humanity and in our government. Wonder if my neighbour s are illegal aliens who got carried to their hou se just so the democrat s have more votes when they get turned into so called "citizens".

  6. No body voted for him except Hitler and black lives matter and Anifta. Because Kamala Harris bales them out every time they LOOT the town and new York lawyers get all the charges dismissed.Because high-tech corperations doing big BUSSINESS with China bought them off to

  7. looks like everybody took the advice and simply walked away and now everything is crumbling and no one is willing to lift a finger.
    gentlemen, when they come and ask for your help simply keep pointing the finger to all those people who wanted this to happen and let that small minority keep on having the responsibility of everything and never help out until they give you something immediately in front of you in return