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Experts on “Flattening the Curve”:

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  1. "Have you walked into Coles' 2nd wave of human beings? Everyone's staring at everyone else in utter confusion, dazed at these barren shelves, looking at each other, wondering; who were these cunts?"

    Of course I have, they're me.

  2. I blame labor. They keep saving people, and when the average australian looks back and goes "it wasn't that bad", the libs will take credit for it. Let it go to shit. Let the world burn. Or else, the libs will get back in. Stop cleaning up after the pricks, becaue, if you do, AS ANY PARENT WILL WITH A TEENAGE SON WILL TELL YOU, "if you do it for them, they wont learn", and let's face it, the libs wont learn, and people will die and they wont be voted back in.

    I'm sorry, I'm usually better at words and articulation. It's just really fucking bad when I can't find dippers for my toddlers. They stockpiled diapers. Life is so hard. Fuck the libs. They had 12 weeks notice on this.

  3. I went to my local Coles today and discovered that the manager has taken the passive aggressive route to dunny roll situation. The toilet paper aisle is no longer empty… it's full of nappies.

  4. Thank you for making me laugh while I await the impending shit storm that is likely to become my life in the next week or 2

  5. You quote Bill Maher. It was Bill Maher that said he hoped there would be a recession so he could blame it on Trump. You want an enemy of the people, he is it. "It would be worth it" he said.

  6. The run on toilet paper was just practice for the run on the banks. A number of blog comments on DFA attest that the banks are now really giving people a hassle if they want to withdraw around $10k. When the Treasurer says that our banks are sound, you know the jig is up.

  7. Hi @friendlyjordies if your shows have all been cancelled and the income has taken a hit, how about setting up a Patreon account? I'd become a Patron of your's in a heartbeat. Best wishes, Axel

  8. U idiot thinking the liberal government will spend to bury labour in debt the only reason there is a surplus is cause liberals are in charge

  9. I miss when people just wanted to inform without forcing "humerous" content between every 20 seconds of actual information and commentary.

  10. A bus from Melbourne came to my hometown and were basically going to raid coles and got told to fuck off. Then went to the suffering towns in thee bushfire effected area

  11. I like the Drakes supermarket in Queensland where one bloke bought hundreds of toilet rolls and 150 hand sanitizing bottles. When the dumb moron realised that he'd never use the hand sanitizer he went back to the supermarket and tried to get a refund on the sanitizer and the majority of the toilet rolls. The supermarket manager gave him the finger and told the hoarding scum to piss off. Drakes also alerted EBAY so he can't on sell it there either. He's stuck with it all unless he gives it away. Many of them bought huge amounts of toilet paper and hand sanitizer to sell on EBAY at a profit. Whatever price the supermarkets sold the products for, wait until there's no more left then sell your hoarded products on EBAY at double or triple the price.

  12. I still don't understand to this day why people hoarded toilet paper in the first place…. now that people realised how stupid that was.