Hold On…These Are Actually Really Good Ideas!!

I spoke to Sebastian Junger on my Under the Skin podcast. Sebastian is an American journalist, author and filmmaker. He is known for his books “The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea”, “War” and “Tribe”. His latest book is called Freedom and is out now!
In this this discussion we talk solutions to the relentless fraught nature of politics and how to avoid the fearful route of authoritarianism.

You can listen to the rest of my discussion with Sebastian over on Luminary, it’s episode 209:

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  1. this talk of freedom is pure emotion what does it mean in reallity i cannot just build my house were i want or even swim in the river,, so am i more free than my anscestors ,,what does freedom even mean objectivly

  2. in every country in the world….there's a government…..govern all the aspect of rules and make decision
    all the decision making came from politician in your government….the politician is the problem using the government power

  3. Very interesting podcast! That being said, Sebastian got some things wrong about the Spanish civil war.
    1. Spain was heavily divided but the progressives didn’t win. There was a massive fraud, which not only has been proven but was basically admitted beforehand (for example, Largo Caballero, of the Socialist party, said: we will only accept the results of the election if they favor us + if we lose there will be civil war). The real results where heavily in favor of the conservatives, far beyond what was expected.
    In fact, the progressives also perpetrated a massive fraud in 1931.
    2. The progressives tried some years before to take power by force in Asturias and Franco, loyal to the Republic, was the one who stopped it.
    3. The socialists had started single-handedly a civil war climate in the years leading to the actual war (to the point where some historians defend the war actually started 2 years earlier). Nowadays left radicals still chant “arderéis como en el 36” (Edit: this means “you will burn like in 1936”) to certain groups (like catholics) because they burnt churches, lands, houses, etc. even before the war started. Socialists even had a militia, called La Motorizada, dedicated to finding and beating up political rivals.
    In fact, the war started because the leader of the conservatives, who didn’t abide by the leftists rules, was killed by the bodyguard of one of the socialist leaders (this is not a conspiracy theory, you can look it up in Wikipedia; search for Calvo Sotelo and you will see he was killed by Indalecio Prieto’s bodyguard on the 13th July). The war started 5 days after when the progressive Parliament said the assassination would not be investigated.
    4. Franco didn’t have the army on his side. In fact the army, as society in general, was split in two and fought on both sides.
    This being said, I’m by no means implying Franco did right. He was a dictator and didn’t give power back for nearly 40 years, imposing his views and moral codes, banning free speech, censoring the media, hunting down any dissidents, etc. In fact, a branch of my family fled to France and my grandfather was in prison for a couple of years just because he had an important position in a newspaper the conservatives didn’t like. I’m just clarifying this because I have dedicated thousands of hours to studying Spain’s history and I can’t help being surprised with how the narrative has changed.
    PS. Thanks for the podcast. Keep up the good work!

  4. Dear Russell,
    Do you know that diversity and inclusion statement that companies put at the bottom of their job ads or paperwork once hired? The non discriminatory act or statement that says the company will NOT discriminate against, race,color, gender, trans people, religion believes, etc.. Can we talk about how these companies and corporations and breaking that act by discriminating against people that are not getting the covid vaccine no matter the reason? Even remote positions…companies are sending emails out saying employees need to be compliant even if they will NEVER be in an office environment, not that it should matter either way. Personal freedom is personal freedom no matter! It shouldn't matter if working in and office or remote from home. So aren't these companies breaking that disclosure at the bottom of those papers we sign when getting hired? Or even just when reading a job ad online. I am seeing this!?!? What does that say about all this…🤔 Why the need to push it upon remote workers…very very curious, yea? Agenda??? I think so!

  5. America needs to get shed of its imperialism. Our aggression against other countries are basically siege warfare and a form of active and passive refusal of needed resources from others to punish the people of those countries to impact their governments adversely. We are the enemy we seek. We would do far better to increase trade with those we adversely impact. Even dealing with despots with trade helps to educate the folks employed in trade that the people are not so different from ourselves and that both cultures can benefit from the exchange of opinions and ideas.

  6. The parties are to strong, they will never accept change. If a people party stepped in, they would then join together and try to destroy it. It makes me sad to think the only way to change is to remove all from office, make the government a volunteer job. No benefits and large salaries. Term limits a must. The only way I see that going down is war. The billionaires will fight real hard to keep what they have, by bleeding the middle class.

  7. Yes, the Great Reset is Fascism…Mussolini's version of Fascism to be precise. We need separation of corporation and state (Just as we have the separation of church and state). The revolving door system we have now between government and corporations is what the Founding Fathers feared…that certain ruling elite would gain control and create a government that benefitted only them, just as the monarchy had done in Great Britain. Well, here we are…but it is the corporations that have joined with the government to only benefit our ruling class…and they want this control over the ENTIRE WORLD! There will be NO place to hide this time.

  8. Identifying your opponents as evil or enemies of the state is one of the Ten Steps to Genocide. Hitler used it and those on the NEW Left (Leftists, not Liberals…there IS a difference) are using it against Trump supporters (I'm an Independent Liberal). It's just the truth. I see it everywhere. Anyone who is doing it, no matter their "side", needs to stop. I started seeing it and immediately thought of how Hitler turned Germans against the Jews.

  9. Take the f**** lefties put them on the Left Coast let them live under their own economic system anything east of the Mississippi put the Republicans let them live under their economic system see which one wins

  10. Can we sue Lobbyists and the act of it. We need to figure out a way to remove Lobbyists from their influence on Politicians. The insider Trading alone should have been enough of a red flag to stop it all in the Supreme Court or something you would think.

  11. I had an interesting conversation earlier. I was pointing out the differences in News Programs that the Left, and the Right use, to get their News. How those messages are different. I know most people, don't like to hear how we are being Manipulated. Someone started arguing with me, that there is only The Right and Far Right? Completely dismissing, Half of the Country? Roughly Half. Lol
    I really don't understand, how people can't recognize something is wrong! How, All of these Divisions aren't Natural! It's just beyond me!

  12. Laugh my ass off Sebastian junger wrote that book a perfect Storm which I read 20 years ago which actually wound up having me move to Gloucester Massachusetts and became an eel fisherman for the first 8 years of my daughter's life I owe that man a great debt of gratitude

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