“Hold the Line” Oct 1.

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Graham Hood, the Qantas pilot who’s taking a stand, sings Waltzing Matilda on the NSW / QLD border for ‘Hold the Line’. ‘Hold the Line’ demonstrations were held across Australia on October 1st, 2021. We see an insight into one at Knox City, one of several across Melbourne and then look across a few highlights of late September before concluding with Mr Hood (vocals).

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Ah if you want to rattle the cage you know what will happen..

    This is an insult who those who fought at war. Protesters don't fight in wars and risk their lives. They just spread COVID and are irresponsible.
    Waltzing Matilda is a sacred Australian song not be abused and misused in this situation.

    If you want to see what Freedom causes, look no further than THE United States in States such as Idaho, Washington, Tennessee and Florida to watch a health system in crisis as COVID runs rampant through the community.

    These fools don't understand that notion or the rationality of this.
    More freedom = More COVID = LESS FREEDOM.

    Get that into your heads to appreciate the seriousness of the situation.


  2. Skilled training doing same blackmailing students yesterday sent help emails too us to try blackmail my wife get jab or no training that's forced jab fuk you skilled training Jackie you are not piosening us

  3. When wife said no to illegal jab Jackie from skilled training then claiming wife got abuse at home trying get abusive response Jackie from skilled training fuk you parrasite

  4. Watching Emma from skilled you blackmailing students pay back money you stolen by forcing students to quitt skilled training Melbourne just thieves using covid to steal training funds Finnish or not students still have pay hex fees this theft by deception form with us class action law suit sue skilled for millions return our money your stealing thieves

  5. The problem with Australians isn't that so many of them are descended from convicts, Clive James once said, but that so many are descended from prison officers.

  6. For freedom. Do not comply, do not consent, do not wear mask, do not get tested & especially do not take the COVID mRNA injection or any inoculation & treatment they are offering & all of this will go away.Simply do not comply to all of the above & their mandates.Enough is enough.

  7. Governmental and judicial malfeasance with fascist bad law policing. The silence is deafening from the United Nations. Not even an open debate recognizing the slightest concern for any violation of human rights in any area at any level. There must be a day of reckoning, a time for the powerful perpetrators of injustice to explain themselves.

  8. Skilled training stop blackmailing students that's cohesion that's illegal time skilled become trained in law training organisations that know no laws prooven can't train with trust time to form class action law suit send these thieves packing finnished for good no more money but hay skilled taking gov funding work for gov the laws don't apply to gov fukn thieves

  9. Plenty of 'law enforcement' at the moment are simply just warmongers. They crave these kind of conflicts. This is the effect of violence and war being glorified in popular media and propaganda.

    Having a false sense of comraderie… The need to neutralize the 'enemy'… The 'thrill of the hunt'… No matter the horrific reality looming over them, they ignore it's future implications…

    Law of the jungle. They ignorantly cling to their waning power. Anything goes as long as they are not on the receiving end…

    But when evil knocks on their doorsteps, succeeding to topple over the final pillars of a stable society succumbing to corruption…

    Soon… A fine here, a fine there… Ever encroaching surviallence… Unable to pay off debts… No job to buy food… Friends turning on one another… Betrayal… More homeless and desperate people… More crime…

    The paycheck that was once worshipped, has no more tangible meaning as the worthwhile modes and frameworks of life have deteriorated.

    A grim future is awaiting future generations… No hope in sight for a peaceful existance…

    But of a grimdark reality…

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