Hollywood APOCALYPSE Now | Tinseltown Wants a BAILOUT for Theaters as Regal Shuts DOWN

After months of blockbuster delay, No Time to Die being pushed back may have been the straw that broke the camels back. Regal Cinemas has threatened to shut down. 3 days after Hollywood wants a bailout for their vital revenue stream the Movie Theater. With apologies to the innocent parties majority of this multi-billion dollar industry is still announces multi million dollar projects. Projects they need theaters for. Bail yourself out Hollywood. There are small business’ who need it more.

Written by Nerdrotic


  1. Bailouts (taxpayers money) are for average Joe's who cannot make the rent, mom and pop business's that are going bankrupt due to no customers because of Coof. Not for multi-million (billion) industries whose loss is a tiny bump in bottom line.

  2. Funny you mention Fed dollars being used to help rich folk. The neo con republicans have been doing that via tax cuts for the last 40 years. With the help of neo liberal democrats.

    We should probably not vote for neo cons and neo liberals anymore. Seems like they screw us all over, repeatedly.

  3. I am sick of people like Jane Fonda saying it was a gift that PRESIDENT TRUMP got the coronavirus! What a sick Evil ??? WITCH! You don't wish bad things for the President of the United States. That's so unpatriotic!!!

  4. Survive or fail, its not up to the government to help you. Hollywood has made the masses, those people who PAY to keep them all in existence, very angry. Disrespect for your audience, disrespect for you country, culture, history and traditions, eventually has consequences. Hollywood has been so busy making movies for foreign audiences, fringe groups and an agenda for way too long, for too many people in THIS country to give a damn what happens to them.
    Plus, there is a marked lack of creativity in Hollywood, couple that with their SJW crap, race obsession, and disdain for real America and they have created a perfect storm of "who cares".

  5. All of them could vote by wallet in a loan if they wanted to. They don't need a bailout, the theater business pays wages by beverage and concession sells. The studios make so much money, but theaters could also be purchased by the actors in collective or singular form.

  6. Hollywood – have no interest in these 'actors/actresses etc. We have been rummaged over and put down for actually having opinions about this industry. This industry has been propped up by some of the most nefarious actions…..using sex to parlay acting roles in 'big time' movies. It has demeaned both sexes…..children have also been used and abused and have had their lives ruined. Time to have a close look at all the 'doings' that have been at play in this land of sex for hire and children for sale. Time they took the responsibility for their destructive lifestyles and satanic practices!

  7. Indie Films need to be poised to make big gains, they will never have another chance like this one.
    They NEED to have new releases ready NOW, they need to push their products on theaters that need something, ANYTHING to put in screen now.
    WTF are they waiting for?!?

  8. Hell noooooooo tinseltown can go to hell. America is not paying for them to continue to exist when all they do is damage our country in every way possible. We don't need their filth anymore. Over Hollywood ???

  9. If they love their industry so much they can bail their own pedo franchise out, i have not paid to watch a movie in nearly 15 years time i think when did Tokyo Drift come out that was my last movie in a theater.

  10. Why bailout communist, let the elite bail them out, let Bloomberg and Gates and Soros, bail them out, the very same people who told them to spread the propoganda, which caused hollywood, to go under, who wants to go into a movie theatre and wear a mask for 2 hours, so stupid the hell with hollywood, Coumo closed down the state but allows the rioting and burning of building's.

  11. We don't get bail outs. Never, no matter what. We go homeless if we don't work. Why should they be any different. No more bail outs for these rich snobs.. they will use the money to bail out Antifa and blm criminals.