Hollywood (As We Know It) Will Not Survive The Coof

All those years of hacky directors and bad films… and all we had to do was cough.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. As WE know it?
    Speak for yourself.
    Hollywoke and I have been astranged since 2015.
    Same thing goes for the music and gaming industries.
    If you cheesy fingered fucks had the willpower to shut off the steeply declining mindless entertainment like I did and made these assholes feel the pain of their decisions, we wouldn't need a beer bug to push this morally bankrupt group of incompeCUNTS the final 2/3 of the way off the cliff into oblivion.

  2. Mr. Fist, I look forward to your video's coming out, I can't say that about Hollywood movies, well….maybe the new Dune, but that's the problem, only reboots, nothing really original that's any good.
    You, and people like you on this platform are where it's at in this day and age.
    So you, PJW, Styx, oh and John Ward, can't forget him, he's a damn world champion man.

  3. California's self important drivel has woke washed the majority of media we consume in North America leaving us with few mainstream choices that don't make us puke in our mouths and search for alternative sources of entertainment that don't try to force feed us narrative. We want entertainment not a fucking lecture. You know Hollywood is fucked when the best movie last year was a Korean movie and it DESERVED IT. Best movie this year? Probably another international flick we've never seen that wasn't suffocated before it could walk. Let them sink.

  4. I know the celebrity lifestyle is expensive. Instead of going for government bailouts may i suggest myfreecams? That way you can stop pretending to be souless whores and actually do honest work for a change. Great way to win back the fans.

  5. They all got full of themselves thinking they were above us, that they knew better, but they are still very human. People, like you and I, want to see genuine stories that have effort put into them and we're noticing the patterns now,: when something doesn't line up correctly or is haphazardly implemented. we can see the difference. They treat us like we're stupid, that we need to be told better or talked down to, but they need us more then we need them.

  6. People are having a problem with rent and food. So sure let’s bail out an industry that hates us. We have loads of money for garbage we won’t watch.

  7. Well Hollywood hasn't learned the 11th commandment and let's recite it if though goes woke thou should become broke once again let's let that all sink in go woke get broke the 11th commandment

  8. @ 3:09 — with all due respect, some parts of California (the San Joaquin Valley and Norternmost California in particular) still live in reality. It's really only LA, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, SF and Sacramento that are the deprivation chambers. There are still conservatives in San Diego, Orange County, Fresno, Bakersfield, Redding etc, and they are just as disgusted as you are with Hollywood. Other than that, excellent rant.

  9. Communism is dead.
    Time for the Right to have a try at cinema!
    The internet broke the fence and the Gatekeepers are now merely protecting one of a hundred holes in the wall now

  10. I'll be honest, I'll pay to save the corrupted banking system way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before I pay to save the woke garbage fire that is Hollywood.

  11. Last time i went to the theater was to see joker. It pissed the left off so bad i had to throw in a couple more ticket sales. Didn't mind the movie either. If we're being honest here, this whole situation was a long time coming with them shoving their ideas down our throats. I say good riddance we don't need hollywood and theaters i never really liked. A recliner is more comfortable, thanks to china, we have all can easily afford a large uhd tv and decent sound system for every room in the house lol and the damn prices at the snack bars.. Then they wanna play something shitting on males, whites and both qualifiers are even better. Yeah nope…

  12. I live in the Golden Brown State about 30 miles south of Hollywood, and my advice to the rest of the country is, "Spend your money elsewhere: local theatre instead of H-wood movies & local musicians instead of 'superstars'."

    Hit 'em in the wallet!

    My gut check: sooner than later, self-produced entertainment: YouTube (at least what they don't de-monetize), BitChute, etc. will overwhelm these people.

    Besides, there's more to life than entertainment.

  13. If they love their industry so much they can bail their own pedo franchise out, i have not paid to watch a movie in nearly 15 years time i think when did Tokyo Drift come out that was my last movie in a theater.

  14. I feel it worth mentioning that even most of californians hates california, specifically the major city's. Most of the people i've spoken too about it, including the people who stay the fuck away from those places agree that those cesspits could be reclaimed by the old gods and most people wouldn't shed a single tear.

  15. ' To stop those monsters, one-two-three,

    Here's a fresh new way that's trouble-free,

    It's got Paul Anka's guarantee

    guarantee void in tenessee.

    Just don't look, Just don't look'