Hollywood Celebrities and ABC Australia’s chair Ita Buttrose are shilling for Pfizer

Hollywood celebrities, ABC Australia’s Chair Ita Buttrose and TV Covid experts are shamelessly shilling for Pfizer in the companies latest round of advertising.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. If you're still watching, supporting, giving any time at ALL to celebrities, you ARE the problem, especially after CDC and FDA now admitting these "shots" are causing myocarditis! So GOODLUCK WITH THAT.

  2. Had my vaccine, already forgot which one, had covid, don't care about people's opinions about it either way. I really think it should go without saying how wrong it is for anyone, let alone people in positions of power to be advertising medical products on TV, as part of what is clearly a paid-for advertising campaign. And thats without even mentioning how this could be viewed as fear-mongering to make a profit, scaring people into buying things that they might not even need just because they get covid. This is all just wrong from start to finish and the more you think about it the worse it gets.

  3. Ita has been the queen propagandists for over 60years, she achieved persuading many, to follow along, with ANYthing she
    (and the current agenda) was pushing. If the Aussie people need peeople like Rukshan & Avi to educate them… GOD HELP this Continent!

  4. There are many shills of big pharma including most doctors, their greed is foremost rather than 💯% cures keep selling their poisons and silence real healers like Doctor Burzynski, they're quite scandalous.

  5. People are losing their licenses for saying publicly that supplementing vitamin D and Zinc dramatically reduces severity of ALL flu viruses. Ivor mek tin says also that he's been vindicated by new studies. This is corporate capture of our democratic way of life.

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