Hollywood Needs To Stop Listening To The Mob On Social Media – Chris Gore

Chris Gore is a writer, comedian, author and television personality who has built a solid reputation as a hilariously outspoken voice in the entertainment world. As a teenager, Chris founded the brutally honest magazine Film Threat, which began as a fanzine while he was a college student in Detroit. As Film Threat evolved into a respected national magazine, he relocated to Los Angeles. The print magazine was retired in 1997 when it was re-launched as a web site. found a huge audience online and was named one of the top five movie web sites by the Wall Street Journal. Chris has appeared as a film expert on MSNBC, E!, CNN, Travel Channel, and Reelz Channel. Chis has also hosted shows on FX, Starz, IFC and G4TV’s Attack of the Show as the show’s film expert. His weekly movie review segment DVDuesday was among the most popular on G4. Chris is also an author, having written The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made and The Complete DVD Book. His book The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide is considered the bible of the industry and is required reading at film school.

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  1. I could listen to Chris Gore for days on end!
    I wouldn't consider Thelma and Louise "woke" either. It was a great movie with two cool characters, a great story, good humor, sweet action, and that wicked ending. I've watched it many times.
    It wasn't woke…It was badass!

  2. i agree and disagree.
    Hollywood is hedging its bets and playing it safe more than ever before. i.e. reboots, sequels, remakes..
    Hollywood isn't making original content.
    Hollywood noticed George Floyd's murder. whatever your opinion on that topic, we all agree Hollywood noticed.
    Hollywood DEFINITELY noticed with the MeToo movement, cos the main villian was part of Hollywood.
    these 2 topics are a problem.

    Disney is remaking everything for money.
    Thelma & Louise is SOOOO Woke. just cos Chris doesn't think it is, it is.
    stop being a snowflake, Chris
    the 10 films listed are good movies..
    and.. who is THEY??? "they make it out to be bad,"
    c'mon Chris, don't pick the low-hanging fruit…

  3. Why are you lying Chris?You used to believe that you didn't need to have people look like you on the screen,but on Midnight's Edge,you were pissed about Everett Ross and Contessa Valentina being the only 2 Caucasians in Wakanda Forever..Love ya,but stay consistent.

  4. My definition of woke is: The prioritisation of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity above all other considerations.
    In movies that include theme, plot, character development etc

    Thelma and Louise = no
    Ghostbusters 2016 = yes!

  5. Some fam argu that some ignorant people think a film is woke because it has a big budget and a black or female lead. I don’t want to go back where they push only white actors or writers.

  6. Thank you for continuing to bring Chris back. He's a thoughtful guy with sensible things to say. Being level-headed never seemed revolutionary before, but here we are…

  7. The difference between those classic movies and woke movies is that these old movies built a strong story around the message that could appeal everyone.
    Woke movies are all about the message. The story is not important, it's disposable, and with that, the characters lack of the humanity people relate to, because the woke message lack of humanity.
    Woke ideology and woke people don't human very well, if at all.

  8. Adding diversity to the Space Nazis is counterintuitive and tone deaf. The whole point of the Empire is that it's a bunch of rigid authoritarian non-diverse machinery that despises diversity and hates freedom and hates individuality and they are competent in their ruthlessness and evil. Adding racially diverse characters to the Empire and making them incompetent clowns defeats the entire point of Star Wars. The rebels are diverse. The rebels are free. The rebels respect the individual.

  9. The entire "woke" Hollywood thing is bullshit to begin with. Corporations make decisions based on formulae and precedent, so what formula/precedent is Corporate Hollywood using? The 1960s. The last time we had a major cultural revolution was the 1960s and the counterculture won. Back then, Hollywood was slow to catch up; now they're trying to get ahead of the curve by pandering to the new counterculture, which is the Radical Twitter Left…which isn't even the full Left, it's just the really visible one.

    "The Liberals won 50 years ago, they're gonna win again, better kiss their ass before they cross the finish line and start coming after their enemies."

    But Hollywood isn't woke. "Liberal" celebrities vote Republican for the tax breaks. Corporations are against everything "woke" stands for, which is the end of exploitation engines such as entrenched hierarchies and unequal power dynamics, especially financial ones. Corporate Hollywood hates equal pay, labor unions, profit-sharing, artist licensing, diverse narratives, unorthodox plots, and other forms of equity and equality. The whole "woke" thing is literally a self-preservation exercise to prevent the audiences from demanding changes that threaten the power of business over society and law.

  10. I watched all of the Rings of Power and Obiwon Kenobi series and found them both lacking. I could care less who was cast in which role. What was wrong with both shows was the writing, the directing, and the pace of the episodes. Kenobi tried to stretch out a bad premise into a long story, and the light saber duels with Vader were hindered by the fact that we know neither one gets killed at that moment. This took the edge from the battles. Rings was better, but still lacked something, and seemed to be stretching out the material into 8 episodes when all that we saw could have been done in fewer eps so we could have advanced the story further.

  11. so basically what i’m hearing is “make hollywood white again” 🙄 just because women and POC are having THEIR stories told from THEIR perspective with THEIR experiences doesn’t mean there is a MOB with an agenda or a LECTURE! he’s saying movies should be universal but that’s what they’re becoming! now everyone can go to the movies and see themselves!

  12. If there is such a divide among American movie-going audiences, it's because of one faction in particular who doesn't live and work in the real world as much as they like to think they do. These people do not have to worry too much about the things that most people worry about. And what's worse is that these people, in this faction, are malicious. They hate the culture, and want to change it to suit their personal liking, so that they don't feel too bad about themselves.

    If the reports from Doomcock are correct, about Indy 5, about how Kathleen Kennedy and her henchmen are going to kill off Indiana Jones and replace him with a woman, to have her take that name, that's a malicious act. That's the act of a creatively bankrupt group of people who would rather tarnish and destroy rather than make anything of their own, because it's easier to destroy. Evil doesn't create, it only corrupts, as J.R.R. Tolkien once said.

    It's going to take some time for Hollywood to come to grips with this, and I think it's going to get worse before it starts to get any better. Even in literature, I see a lot of Woke nonsense, none of which is any good as stories. Sci-fi is supposed to be a laboratory for politics, where you take a concept and you explore it, warts and all, to see the pros and cons, the problems that have to be addressed. I love, for instance, the film Gattaca, which I believe is one of the last best sci-fi stories out there, and one where I think if the Woke people got their hands on it, would've ruined the story because they would've got off-topic, which is how does a human being who hasn't been born with genetic modification live and thrive in a world where he has to compete with people who are genetically superior, by design, in almost every way? I could see them talking about how it's unfair that people in this society might screen out anyone who might be gay, or a woman, or something else based on prejudices of the parents involved, or society in general, and that's not what Gattaca was all about.

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