Hollywood Neo Liberals Support Censorship With Jimmy Dore

Graham and Jimmy talk about America being on the breaking point.

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Written by Graham Elwood

Official YouTube channel of Comedian/Filmmaker Graham Elwood (Director of Earbuds: The Podcasting Documentary, co-host of the 'Comedy Film Nerds' podcast, and co-producer of LA PodFest). Visit for DVDs, comedy albums, tour dates, t-shirts, and more!


  1. No president has been announced yet. Stock market/401ks will be hurt and gas prices will soar if Biden is ever officially announced as president….but hasn't happened yet. Just because bias media can ignore what's going on and claim fake news, it doesn't mean anything. Lots of court battles to come.

  2. Graham I really like you. I think you have it mostly right, but I wish you stop treating those on the left, who are very worried that the covid response is too much, like we are lunatics

  3. Thanks Graham and Jimmy;you both help me to feel a little less alone in this horrific train wreck of a neoliberal neocon nation. You are right; our generation, Gen X, stands for nothing whatsoever. Those of us who are pro peace, pro environmental health and biodiversity, pro worker’s rights, a living wage, healthcare for all….we have ZERO representation now. We have one party in America; the oligarchy’s party.

  4. Whose channel was dollar Vigilante? I was worried, that it was you, but yours is better political Vigilante. The sick elite will continue to do everything in their Power to avoid taking responsibility, and to prevent anyone from recognizing teality, because the reality is, that they are the source of pur most dire problems. They'd rather we kill the whole planet, if they can continue to be the last person alive. , They'll sink the boat , to maintain their position on it.

    How do we have an worker uprising , when we have no jobs? We need to eliminate our dependance in the elite, they own the power grid, the food distribution, the phones, the gas , the electric company, social media, the mam, so give all that up, grow your own food. Use solar, don't obey laws when you aren't being represented, or served.

  5. You are so right about “journalism majors,” my mother was a newspaper Editor for more than 20 yrs. She got to the point where she would no longer hire people w/a Journalism degree!

  6. Worker uprising? , when we have no jobs, no industry? We need to eliminate our dependance on the elite. they own the power grid, the food distribution, the phones, the gas , the electric company, social media, the msm, and your insurance company, the the pharmacy and the drug maker you give cash because of the toxified air, that polluted more by weather modifying airlines and military contractors they own….. give all that shit up, grow your own food. Use solar, don't obey laws when you aren't being represented, or served, unified resistance, is the only.method we have to stop the unrolling of the plan. We must ignore black, white, Republican, Democrat, because those polarities are detracting from energy, attention & it short cicuits our outrage and directs it at those who should be allies. I am appalled with the Democrats and Republicans, hating each other because Mark Levinn lies blatently,, easily checked, and dismissed,, but they don't check, Levinn is on my & your local radio station, to divide us against our own interests, and the leftist identity politics obsessed bigot against all Republicans because of Rachel Maddie.

  7. Not just Hollywood Neo libs…TYT just posted about the Greenwald controversy…and the comment section is LOVING that he was not able to get his story out…and worse yet, they have convinced themselves that there's nothing to it and 'their guy' is squeaky clean…

  8. Forced lockdowns for 8 months with $1200 for condolences. If you protest this, then you are an “insane murder” but you can protest racism, just don’t mention Biden’s crime bill when you do it.