Hollywood NIGHTMARE! Mass Layoffs Coming! No One is Safe!

The streaming bubble is bursting, and Hollywood is going to look very different after the dust clears. Layoffs at Netflix and Warner Bros. will catch many off guard, and this is just the beginning. Ricky Gervais probably finds this all VERY amusing right now.

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  1. Well didn't they want a recession when the last President was in office. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, just not the way you want it.

  2. It seems like it’s been long overdue for a house cleaning. I still don’t like seeing people laid off and some people being fired probably doesn’t deserve it but maybe this will shake people out of their complacency.

  3. Hollywood was broken before they went woke. Im surprised they lasted this long.
    I think they went woke hoping that would save them but in just a few years it caused them bigger losses.
    Hollywood has been creatively bankrupt for over a decade. With the super hero shtick losing steam and the remakes not being interesting all they had was woke

  4. How come lay offs are coming in an industry that is like basically meh and news media freaks out yet in areas where massive layoffs really need to happen and no one bat's an eye like in oh I don't know Congress.
    Then again that's too much to ask for.. basically the realm of science fiction fantasy like in Superman red son. I remember very well at the end of Superman Red son Luther created a new style of government and instead of it being hot instead of the politicians being career politicians and all the council or whatever was comprised of artists and all sorts of other people that basically were trying to improve people's lives and not trying to see what they can get out of it

  5. I mean, there is only so much money people can burn into garbage no one wants to watch just to push a message until it eventually runs out, this took surprisingly long though.

  6. At this point, I don't think that there's enough actual talent left in Hollywood to produce anything of value, so I don't see any real loss from these layoffs. They should take their own advice for us and #LearnToCode.

  7. Geeky said Freak Out, and suddenly I'm hearing Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention playing in my head. o~0 it was quite the surreal moment for me. >~<

  8. They need to call up Cavill and grovel and get Affleck back and get a new Superman and a new Batman movie out while also working on WW3 if they want to make some money. Aquaman 2 IS GOING to lose money because you know why and I doubt Black Adam is going to crush it. They need to get back to the good stuff. Time to fix the mistakes and get DC back on track.

  9. These companies kept shoveling money back in to programming, believing subscriber growth would never stop. Sorry, that happens never. Reality is hitting, and I expect Paramount +, Peacock, and Hulu to disappear.

  10. THE REEEEEEEEEEEEEECKONING!!!!!!!!!! for allmost 6-8 years of pure Shit movies, recycling and destroying Beloved Series and Character´s. I wellcome the Mass Layoffs and hope it hits them hard.

  11. Well Hollywood has been making movies that have been losing enormous amounts of money, of course this wasn't sustainable. I'm just surprised it's taken so long.

  12. It's about God dam time they're got so lazy 🤣😂 letting people get away with anything lazy script writing bad shows bad writing they got complacent and now they are paying for it.

  13. That's not correct. The reason Netflix was a behemoth is because the vast majority of their content was inexpensive, licensed content. They were ancillary revenue alongside DVD/BluRay and syndication. The original content war has left them with increased expenses and no avenue to monetize their productions. Populararity doesn't affect revenue for them the way it does at the box office and on ad supported TV

  14. You know what would be hilarious? Sneaking into one of these companies, and going around tapping people on the shoulder and telling them "come into my office" and then telling them they're fired. =D

  15. My question is, how did all this even begin? Who hired people who are clueless about IPs and who think alienating fans and potential subscribers was a good idea? They were doing so well through the 1990s up until 2000s, and all this social justice/woke stuff isn’t really an entirely new phenomena since we’ve seen stuff like this in the 90s. But who supersized it and thought hiring people who are clueless about franchises and make customers unhappy was a good business move that keeps their profitability?

  16. I've not watched a Hollywood movie in a long time. They hardly ever have beautiful people in them anymore, and the plot is always predictable, sugared with political messaging instead of being entertaining.

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