Hollywood is PANICS! They’re AFRAID of BEING CANCELLED!!

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  1. Oscars, Baftas, golden globes, Emmys, Grammys, it's all just political nonsense based on woke agendas now. Forced diversity (blacks) and inclusion (women) quotas, and not a single ounce on merit. They are parodies of themselves, politicizing their way to utter and complete irrelevance. Can't happen fast enough.

  2. Experts in diversity???? LOL. LOL. Gay white people have to hire black people which means they will have to get rid of some white people.

    Go woke go broke. They're gone.

  3. If you want the public to take you seriously. Eliminate rotten tomatoes. That site is as useless as a box of rocks. And admit the last Jedi sucks balls. This woke culture has no place in society. And take whatever your political agenda is, and shove it.

  4. There are plenty of legendary movies from decades ago one could watch, devoid of SJW (Marxist really) bullshit.
    I don't need Hollywood when there are classics.

  5. Hollywood will go out with a whimper not a roar. No one watched their woke movies last year. We will double down on that this year.

  6. The loss of audience is not from a lack of diversity. The problem is the bad habit of entitled Hollywood elites talking down to their potential audiences, disparaging the very people who keep them elevated up there in those lofty ivory towers in which they dwell. Trying to fix this by being "inclusive" is the moral equivalent to trying to put out a house fire by raking up the leaves out on the front lawn.

  7. It's was over years ago. For me the final nail was the MeToo year with the sanctimonious speeches when they just had Weinstein affair.. to which many or the A listers were complicit. And all the A list actresses claiming victimhood when they're the ones that profited over the real victims: the actresses that refused. And then you had the most hypocrite speech from that old bag .. her name escapes me.. because she's not relevant . But they all lapped it up

  8. I'm very proud of the fact that I have never watched a single award show in my life. Why in the hell would I want to watch these ridiculous idiots pat themselves on the back.

  9. I have never watched any of these shows, ever. Globe, Oscar, Emmy, whatever else there is. Id rather do my laundry. I enjoyed your commentary anyway.

  10. They deserve it. Im a big movie fan and i was always glued to my screen during oscar time. But then one year a long time ago they pissed me of. I dont remember what movie or year it was but i do remember Densel Washington should have won but hollywood said nope. Then the next year still not a deserving oscar for Densel and i was done. But then the Halle Berry fiasco. To me that was to little to late. Im glad she won but it was an obvious "woopsy, sorry, to black people". I learned hollywood was a joke and im glad i did. Bye bye you lying sacks of golden shit, hope youre happy with all your little statues.

  11. Is let see I have this right, the members that get elected have 0 black voted for them.
    Did the 2020 elections have no black too be presidents sure should you have is single president for the blacks.

  12. I don't pay for TV or for movies anymore someone else has said I'll watch it but I will not pay for any mainstream thing or consume it really unless it's free but then it's about as much as it's worth

  13. I have one thing to say to Hollywood: "I'm only here for Godzilla."
    Next year at these PedoWeird circle jerks, when a movie that had a hearing-impaired character played by an actually hearing-impaired actor, will any of them even notice? Or will every aware go to movies nobody actually watched (including those who voted for them).