Hollywood Will NEVER Be The Same. EVER.

Hollywood will NEVER be the same as it was before the shutdown. Massive layoffs, closed theaters and crippling debt will force Tinseltown to re-evaluate its priorities. Could the entertainment industry spread out across the country so there’s no longer a single point of failure? Has America just MOVED ON from Hollywood, finding other ways to occupy their time? Then we talk about Tenet, and how directors are begging people NOT to so see it.

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  1. Disney & Hollyweird are done because of pedophilia, that's why. People know the truth.
    This "pandemic" has been a blessing in some ways because like you said free time has been family time.

  2. It's still a very very high priced area, the homes, whether in Hollywood or in the Hills where I lived for 7 yrs will always be overpriced , highly sought after real estate. Rents for the tons of luxury and old apartments are always rented for premium and i can see some apartments vacating as they usually do …..but for the real estate values and home values, Hollywood will always be a rich person's get.

  3. Once they started treating our President with SUCH HORRIFIC DISRESPECT I was done with all of them. And I was a HUGE fan & follower of many. No more. It's over. This is probably one of those situations where it's just kinda gonna be thier OWN KARMA blowing back in thier face. They don't deserve that place in society because they were disrespecting US when they did that. What a bunch of unfathomable BULLIES they are, and HYPOCRITICAL bullies on top of it.

  4. They are a bunch of people who are being insanely overpaid to do an insanely easy job, surrounded by yes men who tell them how insanely important they are. They were so wrapped up in their own pretentiousness that it was a true shock to their systems when they were told by the peasants in the valley how very little they, and their opinions, matter.

  5. The lefty weirdos are still running the show there. Even if it's starting to implode they'll push their shit until the last second.

  6. I no longer support the movie industry and have not for some time. They can't make decent jokes all their jokes are disgusting and stupid. They have to push their agenda in every movie and it takes the funny out of everything. Stupid is not funny, it is just stupid. Disgusting is not funny, it is just plain gross and disturbing.

  7. You Play. With Children You Pay! Yeah I Said it! Plus Human Trafficking.. For what does a Man prophet to Gain the Whole World, Lose your own Soul. Think of that!


  9. Lets be real now. People are just fed up with the recycled regurgitated rhetoric of Hollywood playing political scripts of attacking our duly elected President 24/7 along with their fellow actors in the phake news (all owned by the sane few socialist billionaire buddies ). They’ve all been exposed. Politics are all scripted & pre-planned ….That is, until came along a real President Donald Trump. Yep. It’s a big club & we’re not in it folks. Oh …And then there’s the whole pedo ring thing being exposed too. Thanks to Trump for exposing this. It’s all still playing out now so too late to put the cat back in the bag. Yup, their gig is up. Bye Felicia.
    (haters hold your comments If you cannot help yourselves from refraining than here’s my “one libby fits all” generic reply.
    Deal with it. …

    Reagan said it best….

    “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

  10. I HOPE so much, so hard, that both Hollywood and Disney crumble forever! Let's start a city of cinema elsewhere without the wokeness and the celeb contempt for people…

  11. Well their trashing theirselves! With their hipocracy & stupidity! We all now know what idiots they are & the crap the press has been covering up for years! It's not changeing the press is! The woke people are now us! ?????? plus we're tired of remakes of old movies or part 9 & yeah but part 9 has totally went off track from part 1! Really totally diffrent movie but promoted to part 9 because, part 1 done so well at the box office! ?????? we're all not spending time with this phoney BS! ?????? woke well we all know the trash only comes out when celebs no longer makeing hollywwod rich! And the more time outside? Well it's because there's nothing else we're allowed to do! Other than watch reruns on tv stream old movies & play on our phones or computer's & when you do there's these celebrity hipocrites complaining about their rich spoiled lives being so hard or talking & comeing off as racist! We've decided who cares! ??????

  12. L.A.'s changed a lot over the years

    Since those brave gold rush pioneers

    Came in their creaky covered wagons

    Far as they could go end of the line

    Their dreams were yours, their dreams were mine

    But in those dreams were hidden dragons

    Sunset Boulevard, frenzied boulevard

    Swamped with every kind of false emotion

    Sunset Boulevard, brutal boulevard

    Just like you, we'll wind up in the ocean

  13. They're all overpaid, all full of themselves, rude and nasty, and most are fake. Glad to say good riddance. There's no reason the should make millions when their only talents are to pretend to be someone else, while most of us work ourselves to death just to keep a roof over our heads.

  14. Elvis told some reporter ( I'm just a entertainer.) when they tried to get his opinion on politics what a smart move and almost everybody loves Elvis.

  15. There isn't anymore Hollywood because of the Corona-virus movie studios haven't released any movies in months Hollywood is never going to go back to being what it use to be.

  16. Or… maybe Hollywood becomes a ghost town, when All the adrinachrome drinking, baby sacrificing/eating, pedophiles so called "movie stars" and directors and producers are ALL rounded up and are either living the rest of their lives at GITMO….
    OR… are in the ground pushing up daisies from committing crimes against humanity!! I bet that might clear out Hollywood pretty fast!! Don't you??????

  17. Yup this pandemic awkwardly is a blessing in disguise…it brought us back to our family values and is bringing families together…I have seen whole families taking walks in my neighborhood….havent seen that in like 20yrs…im all for it being together in person that's real social media..not a screen planted in front of you…

  18. A world with none of these twats, sounds lovely ….I hope they are all waking up to us !!! They are out numbered after all ,how fucking dare they underestimate us lol….