HOLY COW! China Brags About Controlling US Establishment And Biden

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HOLY COW! China Brags About Controlling US Establishment And Biden

In this video, we cover huge revelations about China’s control of the US political and financial systems.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Luke or anybody, check out the peak prosperity youtube channel and the vid called "Censored!" He's talking about a drug in it that's been commonly available for a while and the clip of the doctor he has in the vid says that it's been tested on medical staff and no one got sick with covid but 58% of people who didn't got sick. Check this out. Very important info. It's called " Ivermectin "

  2. You need to do your homework on China. Why don’t travel there and report from there .. there is no slave labor there .. nobody is forced to work in a factory… China economic is 85% in private sector and 15% state owned.. China is more capitalist than USA.

  3. I've been spamming that same quote on every live stream about the Rona "China arrested doctors and journalists who tried to warn the world"

    Not sure if you got it from me or I got it from you lol

  4. The irony of people like Luke and Tim Pool talking about this shit today is that Alex Jones and William Cooper and many others where saying all of this long ago and these Nubucks think they know what the fuck is really going on..

  5. China's the 1 nation big enough to have an army of 200 million. Seems more prophetic things are lining up. But is prophecy, prophecy if they're using it as a playbook? From Israel to US & the Vatican to UN & Arab nations, to big tech & alien disclosure they're all strategic in their "positions" and preperations.

  6. FART MAN Swaiwell. Don't let him live that one down. He probably knew she was a spy. The whole democratic party probably works for China!! Think about it. How many spies does that make? All coming out of the DemonRat party.

  7. Luke, in your opinion, do you think OAN is trustworthy? I'm asking because OAN just reported VP, Pence received Remdesiver as 'coof' treatment "same as the President". President Trump never said he received Remdesiver; POTUS said he received Regeneron Maybe they're the same therapeutic. ??( 12-09-20 4am OAN report)

  8. This is not too surprising. Remember EBay? 2008 Something
    Ike that. China literally had the entire United States for sale on EBay for 3trillion dollars. We were listed in “fair” condition. I thought it was just a joke….

  9. …this feeling of ownership the dragon possesses such as wall street…real estate… manufacturing prowess…ALL this was engineered, financed and facilitated by the international central banks including international settlements… who's foundation is fraud, chaos and… death…

  10. Possibly your most important video ever!!! Find yourselves Americans and people around the world….. We sold out and are being manipulated and propagandize daily ?✌