HOLY COW! The Media Has Completely Lost It!!

HOLY COW! The Media Has Completely Lost It!!

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Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


  1. The press in this country is a criminal organization themselves. Crooks covering for crooks. It’s unbelievable how one sided the MSM really is. They’re not for the Americans that’s a fact!

  2. There has been four years of media bias. What makes anyone think that it will change if Trump wins? Doesn't matter who wins, the powers that be control the agenda and we the people are on the losing side. Sure we can rise but a country divided can't. So while we all think we're on the winning side fighting for insignificant things in the grand scheme of things the NEW WORLD ORDER is setting up under the radar.

  3. Modern day Jim Crow is coming back to America and brought to us once again by the Democrat Party. They came into effect back in the 1930;s and now 90 years later back once again, they went away back in the 1950's, but I guess the Dems really did miss them.

  4. Censorship got really bad when they censored and shadow banned alex jones and the judge told him to shut up about sandy hook. And now a few years later joe rogan is dealing with the consequences somehow.

  5. You know when a company wants to launder money how they set up a shell company?
    That's what those " fact checkers " are for social media companies.
    Left wing companies hire like minded left wingers to do their " fact checking " so they can't be sued for liable.

  6. I don't care about Hunter's laptop. This is a fake scandal manufactured by Vladimir Putin who is using propaganda and Donald Trump to destroy American democracy!

  7. You think this will come up in the debate I hope Trump has the gumption to throw this at Biden and does not back off, I want to see Joe Biden cry on air

  8. It’s repulsive that some people are unaware of the sick plan to divide and conquer. Please friends share information with others in an amicable way. We have to unite. We have no choice.

  9. The key to the freedom is a control of The Media…Someone should create organization/movement and named it “Only The Truth Matters”…and everybody should protest in The front of The headquarters of all of The MSM News networks…and held all of these self proclaimed journalists responsible for spreading The poisonous propaganda and dividing The people

  10. We are being subverted. By who, I don’t know, but it’s definitely happening. Yuri Bezmenov predicted all of this in the 80s. I’m guessing China since they have their hands in a lot of our pockets.

  11. The deep state clearly on display listening to Leslie Stahl's bloviating about lap top not verified. They have Hunters signature on the receipt when he left the lap top for repair.. Total shills.

  12. I used to listen to NPR podcasts in the 00's… but GOOG GODDAMM!!! the overton window isnt even on the cultural HOUSE anymore!!! it's thrown on a pile of TRASH to the LEFT of it!!

  13. Lmmfao ?????????????????????
    Fighting other ?????????????????????
    Exactly like WWF wrestlers
    Pre planned on happening so BOTH CORRUPTED PARTIES can continue destroying America from WITHIN shredding the constitution and LOOTING us all dry