Holy SH*T this changes everything and Putin knows it | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Germany has crossed a red line in sending weapons to Ukraine. Russian President Putin has a message for Olaf Sholz and it’s not going to end well for Germans this winter. Ukrainian forces are amassing around the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. And Armenia is attacked by Azerbaijani missiles; what’s next for the Caucuses?

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Written by Redacted


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  1. Please think about what you say about a country in morning that you don't understand, when a family is walking along side of their mothers coffin it is not advisable to make stupid statements a lot of public mourners will take severe offence. Ps if you want to see the real reporting on the subject please go to GB news

  2. Germany just wants to show the world its fascist nature to Russians by sending weapons to hold on its fascist ideology. They certainly have not forgotten how Russians defeated them in the WW2.

  3. The only thing I'm sure about this situation is eu is scratching the bottom of the barrel and Germany will be soon totally screwed by his own politicians as other eu nations as well. It's an free for all powers battle where US demo and Putin forces are screwing us v well and they will do it v fast. I live in Italy and I'm sure this winter will be the last till shtf

  4. If your "independent" journalist is ethnic Armenian he is NOT and cannot be independent. He is clearly pro armenia and not subjective. Armenians have seen known for spreading many lies over the years and fact is that the disputed territory as you said is inside of Azerbaidschan and has never been part of Armenia. The way that "independent" man just implies what Turkey is "just like their ancestors" says it all. Please try to do a better job at inviting really independent people. NO Armenian is EVER impartial.

  5. 38:00 if Russia had not “secured” that power station, I think Selesky/US agencies could have blown it up to blame the Russians for it. Benefit is the energy crisis in Europe would have been worsened. Tbh, since the US is in economic and political decline and war has been a sure fire way for the US to generate income … nothing in the west has tried peace talks, diplomacy… it’s all about accusing Russia as bad and applying sanctions that hurt the EU economic ironically… Germans are all over it and have drunken the cool aid. It’s one way to look at it…

  6. And in Sweden, the nuclear plant Ringhals 4,that was supoused to restart, after the yearly revission, now in early october, now will not be restarted before earliest january 2023!!
    And sweden are not hindered by sanctions!!

    So when the us admin dont have the Great Brittain as a fifth colon in the EU, acting on theire behalf, then the establishment in sweden steps in.
    And dont restart the nuclear R 4.
    And this are mainly delivering, on a normal day, the main electricity produced, to Germany!!!
    So who are behind this?

    The same "forces", that during the therties and WW II built factories, and created loans to nazi germany??

    Banks and "the military industrial complexes"?????

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