HOLY SH*T, This Just Happened In Ukraine

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Zelensky’s cracking down on corruption in the Ukraine. But hang on, an allegedly corrupt oligarch is now linked to Hunter Biden! This story keeps getting stranger.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The war is about US foreign affairs and keeping their leadership in the world. Like all other US wars. They infiltrate, they manipulate and they influence foreign governments, agencies and media ever since 1776

  2. Been a fan of Russell and have lots of respect for what he's doing but…unfortunately the channel is turning into a bit of a farce.

    The overly edited videos and zooming of every other word takes away from the authenticity of what he is saying. Its become a case of shout/zoom/shout/zoom.

    Now to make it even worse the video gets interrupted to have some random advert where he is clearly reading from a script about some product that is obviously paying for the ad. This in turn kind of goes against everything he is arguing against in his videos.

    Again this isn't intended as a criticism as such because as stated at the outset, I do really like Russell and agree with a lot of his views. It's just a pity this is all being angled towards entertainment as the main objective, rather than what I expect was the original intention.

    I also don't post this expecting it to be read, but rather to allow me the opportunity to provide my own personal opinion.

    Respect and peace to all.

  3. Once again, thanks Brandon! It's hard to express my gratitude to you. For many Ukrainians, this information is not new or even fresh, but it is still extremely relevant. Raising the truth to the surface, you save lives! English translation from Russian comment below. Not sure what he means entirely?

  4. Damn, the title was made longer, it's better though, and the description was shortened, with Ukraine being so corrupt is taken out. I am gonna share this post on a Twitter post that Edward Snowden just made about the military industrial complex spending and debt.

  5. U lost me when this started a year ago when u accused russia of starting something. I dont think i have forgiven u for that first and uninformed opinion. Well narrative pushed opinion anyway. Will need more time b4 i watch u again. Maybe my loss. You can afford to lose a few i guess

  6. Well, after the smoke has cleared and Ukraine has become a giant radioactive parkinglot, that Oligarch can claim to come from Africa and walk strait into any European country to claim citizenship, problem fixed.

  7. Wouldn't it be strange if Ukrainian army did an about face and attacked all the Tyrants in their government and entire country and instead installed the people they actually wanted to run their country.

  8. The U.S. presidency is run by money. Hunter Biden has done some compromising things; these were saved to a laptop. Big corporate, and therefore Biden, will play an integral role in the Ukraine. If the dirt on hunter Biden was discovered, issues would ensue. Zelensky is removing, discrediting, and silencing, anyone who knows anything. The Ukraine will be a socialist country, period. Bill gates knows shit that he's not saying. He's exposing everything in a roundabout way; this will cost him severely. He'll almost certainly go the way of Epstein; it's a matter of happenstance. Melinda will likely run, and cover her ass. If bill knows anything then Melinda does too. They've got a daughter and she likely knows at some stuff. China will be the next country the U.S. fights with. Anyone, and everyone, who says too much will disappear. Everyone of this group of people will be picked off, or silenced. The skullduggery goes deep, and deeper.

  9. Wasn't there somebody else who's entire goal was capturing Ukraine's fertile land to feed his Empire's and its army and to conquer Russia for its natural resources to build the machines for his Empire and to control the oil of Russia to fuel his Empire and fought a world war trying to get them and lost? Would the things not obtained by an empire in a world war still be valuable to another empire in a world war today? The things that are still there, more important then ever and sought by the entire world.

  10. You are as educated as Bill do you understand how absurd it is to be relying on him for any information. No one watches the Grammy in the USA as they worship satanism along with the bankers who cause all the wars and bio poison that bill belongs with who all go to Epstein island . If Elensky is going to get rid of corruption he have to blow his head off… Nazi lover . They are bringing forth the 4th Reich but you don't even see it.

  11. Then you may want to go back to 2014 when Biden started it in the first place. 6 million dollars for indoctrination and military training. 8 years of civil war.. shameful support Nazis and freeze for the 4th Reich pedo

  12. Zelensky has been playing all you fools for puppets. This so called "war", was planned and orchestrated years ago. He has amassed Billions, and has now become the mafia of Ukraine. Allegedly he is fighting a war yet finds time to jet set around the world to Hollywood, Europe, UK. Imagine how easy it was to sell lies. 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. So called actors/actresses need to keep their political views to themselves. When HollyWEIDOs are involved you know the evil ones are unleashed. Sean Penn is proof, he is anti truth all the way.

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