Home Ownership is dead

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So you’ll compete with your own superannuation fund to buy a house. We’ll become a nation of renters in this Boomer’s paradise, and you’ll own nothing and be happy!


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  1. I am 38 yo and used my super and added it to my house fund back in 2018
    Without my super pay out I would be living in a shit house in a bad area.
    Just 150k boosted my property choice and now own a big house with unbelievable views. And equity is round 130k to date
    Not bad for a cashed bogan.
    We should be getting our own money instead of giving to superfunds. Give the people choice…

  2. Can someone please write a song called "Boomer's paradise"?
    Been spending all our lives paying for the boomer's paradise.

    Tell me why are we so blind to see, that the ones boomers hurt are you and me.

  3. Florian! The gubment and the corrupt police force are NOT your friend. The police FORCE is run by GUBMENT for gubment.
    In return for helping the gubment, the police are protected by the police union.
    And do not forget the N S W police chief LIED at the inquiry about DANIAL kaneely about him being stood down. Knowing he was still on gull pay.
    I did not see any police handcuffing her. Nah!she is one of the gangdters.

  4. That 400 million sent to velensky could have built a lot of homes (INTEREST FREE) BUT NOOOO LETS GIVE IT TO a corrupt regime so he and his family can buy more mansions. Gotta love the gubment giving away our tax money.
    But if you do not get your tax return just right, they will fine you over your OWN MONEY.
    Folks they are NOT for YOU. YOU ARE A MEANS TO KEEP THEM RICH.

  5. I watch all your content Heise,
    And love it,
    I agree with you on so many levels. More and more people are not taking responsibility for their own actions. Majority of employers do not give a crap about who there hiring! just as long as they show up (don't worry about what they do in that 38 to 50 hour week) Majority are either on there phone staring at a screen, or talking with colleagues. Employers/supervisors end up picking on actual workers!!! until they walk out the door literally!!! On top of this you can't even get a rental, it is fast becoming a luxury too live on your own. Share is becoming the norm for overpriced rooms. We live under an umbrella of policy makers who supposedly know best, yet more and more people/families are starting to live in either really tight accommodation or cars in parks or in tents.
    Unless you were lucky enough to buy when housing was cheap! You pretty much are indebted for life.
    Yet we have the state government and federal governments doing I'm pretty sure what I mentioned earlier, on the phone staring at screens or talking with other colleagues. (Don't worry about the actual job!!! that doesn't matter don't worry about the debt either we can always borrow more) half of them, if not all don't even feel the struggle or had to struggle. how has all this become normal. Your right about even to begin to start a family most young people who's parents were not able to buy property,wouldn't be able to plan to start a family. Like I said where do they begin overpriced rentals or some how buy, or if they were lucky! generational wealth. With all these obstacles standing in your way why would anyone even bother trying to start one. You could buy a tent, I guess and start from there.

  6. How does Labor justify losing money on Liberals plan on super for housing if you can put 50K in and then when you sell the house you have to pay it back plus a percentage of the profits? Housing always goes up and if it doesn't look like it the government of the day will stimulate it so it does. So 50K out of your super as deposit is guaranteed return probably better than those funds, at worse its return of capital.

    Also how does funding social housing represent the best investment strategy for funds – they are there to make the best return on capital subject to risk. A 1% return on social housing if you are lucky is not that, unless the government is pitching in (so even more of your tax dollars are lost, like those toll ways with government guarantees).

    A SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) can borrow and buy houses has been around for a while its bit more effort but at least the money you are losing on super is with you in retirement not lost in all the fees and you can leverage on housing too (just cant live in it – at this time is my understanding). If people have over 100K in super its worth looking at it and though those funds don't like them and complain that SMSF is useless, the stats from the ATO over the years show SMSFs constantly out perform super funds and have less fees.

  7. Australia per capita GDP has remained stagnant for 20 years. Our national GDP only rises as the population increases. All these "measures" and added fees, taxes, etc are designed to prop up an economic system that moves sideways, all the while government continues piling up government debt. Meanwhile the monopolies that are running the show, Wesfarmers etc, , just keep on siphoning the profits off the top and out of the country.

  8. I've been saying this for years. We'll be like Europe, no social mobility, except downwards. There are the landlord class, renter class, and the zombie homeowner class who desperately hold on to their family houses in the hope one of their children can inherit it.

  9. The Russians are better of than we are with government housing given to anyone who wants them. Now we will work for thirty to fourty years just to keep a roof over your head. I would suggest the only way for the young to change this is to stay out of the work force, take by China's example lay flat and wait for the economy to come to a stall.

  10. Just wait for mortgages to hit 10-11% they are starting to predict this in the US and you can bet its coming to Australia in the meantime the banks and corporations have been getting massive stimulus from the government. They are cashed up and when you have to sell they will swoop in with they 1% 5 year corporate bonds and buy you out. I new next year was going to be painful but I'm more concerned than ever we are heading to a depression. Do what you can to prepare.

  11. "lobbied the government"? ….. i think this is rubbish… there is a story going around about forecast population and what interests rates will be… banks have put this forward.. not super … 1 con job after another.

  12. This is just the start of governments state and federal wanting to get their hands on the super funds… there are so much of it $$. Lets be serious, it is really a very poor performing investment, just forced saving, not much above bank interest.

    They have tried in the past with taxes to access the super funds. That didn't work (John Howard era. At least he was honest and direct about it. Thankfully, knocked down/stopped. But now we have this sly back door method.
    Another point to never to forget, a return of a growth fund in a super fun, is 5-7%. That is the goal over the long term.

    Really that just keeps up with inflation over the standard economic cycles. (if allowed to occur) or are we allowing the additional printing of the AUD$ by the Incompetent reserve bank.

    Never forget, SUPER is to pay for your retirement ! Even if a very poor performing method. Dam even gold outperforms a lot of super funds, by a long shot. Really it is only a tax strategy if you earn enough.

    Paul Keating in the main phase…. Fooook…….(banana republic?????) Yes he said this and over saw it as the treasurer…..So here comes the recession or is it depression "The one we have to have".

    I have a very good Idea…allow the AUD dollar to crash (as the USD will in the next couple of years). Allow the natural economic cycle to take place. Property to drop by 40% or more, equity markets to crash etc etc.. This will hurt all… but atleast the economy will be real afterwards. No bubbles etc.
    Like we currently have, in all markets !

    We would all benefit from this even if we do not think so at the time, myself included….!

    Sadly, this all might be out of the federal gov control…. as we are now tied into the world economy and have a floated $AUD, no reference back to a real value, like gold. Yes Gold is still a currently world wide…hahaha Sarcasm in my laughter, but it is true!

    Know there is a heap of pain to come. Have sold all stocks, Buying some gold (yes it is too late but a hedge), sitting on cash for the real equity market crash. So far we have only experienced a loss of hope. There is yet to be the loss of returns, then the panic selling.
    Human nature doesn't change or the economic. Not greed as a lot might say, but emotions. that's what drives the markets of the world. The cycle as it is based off human nature, emotion.

    Heise, I agree with you with what have said tonight. My thoughts are that Governments keep trying to interfere with this (all markets), some times for the right reasons but mostly a selfish ones

    Sadly all will suffer in the coming 3-5 years. the next 18mths will be the true signal for what I am saying, what is to come.

    The USA Fed and all other central banks can only print money for so long before it all fails (money with no value). Yes this printing helps the governments as the associated inflation reduces the dept levels.

    Sadly we all suffer from this though !

  13. I have a SMSF and very good I do 26% per year
    The managed funds are under 10%
    Fund managers are stupid
    F_ck I left school at 15 years old and still beat these well educated people
    And yes that has been 26% over 5 years

  14. Since these young people have little prospects and a system strangled by debt and corruption there is only one logical conclusion we can do right now and that is to start a world war, throw in a few nukes to grease up the wheels and conscript the lot of them as drone operators. Dont blame the government blame those pesky developing countries that want trade their way to success

  15. Florien less to do with the Boomers than the slow creep of leftist, socialistic, Progressive values infecting the education systems and the broader society over the last 2-3 decades. Their is virtually no discussion or reward for personal responsibility! Governments have no pressure to be accountable for spending and wastage because the media is so aligned with these clueless, but corrupt elite knuckleheads.

  16. The government should release land in good areas…which they have heaps..only for first home buyers at cost price. Then offer pre negioated 3 x 1 houses from 2 builders and sell house and packages. Ummmm similar to the 1950' 1960's NO INVESTORS 2ND HOME BUYERS ALLOWED.

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