Home Prices Returning To Pre-pandemic Levels Fast!

Evidence is mounting that home prices are correcting towards pre-pandemic levels, and fast. Given the tightening of rates, borrowing power reductions, and consumer confidence falls, this is perhaps not surprising. But there are going to be consequences, and further falls should be expected.

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  1. Buy the dip! Well maybe not Syd. Def not melb with dictator Dan. But unique opportunity to buy now as market cools before next boom , within reason.. aka under market value, below rebuild cost, pos cash flow

  2. Thanks Mr. Martin…World leading private debt…World leading property bubble…World leading Immigration…its all good. And still more calls for Construction Sector stimulus…deary doo Australia wot are you doing…? Bids on Australian Government debt…down by up to 90%. Where's the money gunna come from now…?

  3. Canadian realtors are trying their best to manipulate the listings and fool unsuspecting last pool of buyers. I am sure there will be another narrative by fall to start supporting the real estate from govt side.

  4. My local market is charging on. The majority of homes are only on the market for ~ 1 week before offers are being accepted. Has cooled slightly from last year's peak where homes were being sold within 24hrs of listing. Glad I bought before things popped off, yes we'll get smashed by the payment increase when we refinance but I've been prepping us for this. How I see it is we've gotta live somewhere and I'd rather have a mortgage then pay the crazy high rents in my area. With the big rate increase renting will be cheaper but not by much. Presently is much cheaper to pay the mortgage than to rent a similar home in our area. All we've gotta do is outrun the slowest sheep and DFA is hehelpinus train for the big race.

  5. people will soon realize we are in bear teritorry after 65 years of bull. Typically bear leg lasts 32 years. Do you know that Rome property market at some stage lost 99% ? Dont worry, all these want to buy cheap will buy way way before bottom. I predict cholera will reemerge in large cities due to hygene issues. anyway, enjoy debt slavery forever.

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