Home Renovation Crisis #HousingMarket

#HousingMarket #Renovations #HeiseSays
Shortages are causing a home renovation crisis.


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  1. We tried to build a house on the south coast nsw, builder tired to do 45% of loan limit in the first progress payments. Each and everyone are ripping off or partially insolvent. The only reason that we avoided this is because I'm in commercial property finance at one of the bank's. We ended up demo'ing the shack and sold the land at a decent profit as it was R3 zoning. There is NO supply of materials that are not inflated in price

  2. Its been like that where I live for at least 5 years, I worked in IT but have pretty much become a mechanic, brick layer, renderer, tiler, plumber and electrician.. there are tradies but they come to give a quote and then don't get back to you as they can just choose the best jobs.

  3. I had an electrician quote me $2K+ to replace 36 halogen downlights with LED ones. I bought the lights myself and did the job in a few hours. The lights cost me just under $400. There are some cowboy tradies out there.

  4. I renovated inside and out, new bathroom, kitchen, laundry. Only brought in electrician where needed. I used and reclaimed 2nd hand materials and bought 2nd hand high quality appliances. Took 10 months of blood sweat and tears, but made a motza

  5. Power tools are so ubiquitous that when we bought our house last year they left an entire shed of power tools from one of their old tenants. The lock had rusted and they never bothered to check.

  6. Got bit by some shitty tradies a few times and lost thousands on very poor work, so now I will do everything I can via DIY/youtube, even some basic electrical like replacing sockets with the ones that have the USB ports. I love doing all the research on youtube, figuring out how, what tools to get etc, it's very rewarding.

  7. Had a few earthworks companies in to quote a bit of levelling, moving rocks etc, they wanted $10k. I hired a skid steer for $450 delivered and did the lot myself (+ other jobs). It was pretty much like playing a video game just better graphics.

  8. 🤣 you should see how many limp wristed public servants there are here in ACT, most wouldn't be able to change a flat tyre let alone use a power tool. Easy pickings in the zombie apocalypse haha

  9. Buying and using power tools is a great pass time. I mostly build things around the house so I can buy new power tools. Then using them is great fun. The demolition jack hammer is my favourite. 🙂

  10. DIY home renovation is actually technically classed as unlicensed building and is illegal if the value exceeds the State Government set dollar value building license exemption limits .

  11. my partner didn't appreciate my new purchases at Bunnings given we gifted our last lot of garden tools as we packed up in to a container and moved from Vic to Sa… best bit was I upgraded to battery operated ozito mower and got a blower too. My biggest regret is getting a corded whipper snipper. I mow every 2-3 days and finally my lawn skills are appreciated as we have a great space and planted herbs etc, we rent but after last 2 years in Vic we wanted a space we could survive in if lockdowns occur again. Battery tool lover and worth the investment.

    Have a bicycle that needed new gear shifters etc and rather than get done at bike shop I painstakingly fixed it myself, and now it performs gear changes like a boss. I also take tools with me when riding so I can tweak it rather than put up with it, Each job costs a bit to start building the tool chest, but, once bought you can recover the cost and accomplish something. Great feeling.

  12. As a carpenter I think everyone should be encouraged to have a go and discover a new skill. There is also huge potential to save money if you are willing to research and apply yourself. Albeit the advice was generalising common renovation tasks, inferring "anyone" can perform tasks that professionals take years to reach competency in is potentially misleading. The devil is in the details, and youtube can't replace years of experience when the details aren't obvious to novices. You should expect to make mistakes with the intention of learning, the savings are the bonus.

    It is also disheartening to read comments from people who have been burnt by tradies and builders who have shown poor professionalism when quoting jobs. Unfortunately, a large spectrum of quality in Australia exists within the trades. The good ones are hard to find, and much harder to book.

    Ps. Don't touch gas or electricity! Australians know all too well the damage fire and water can cause to a home

  13. I buy Ozito tools because I don’t do enough stuff to justify anything more expensive. Now I’ve got a few because the skins are cheap and I’ve got a couple of batteries already.

  14. This is chalk and cheese between Australia and where we are in Eastern Europe. At home in Australia I'm struggling to get people to install a concrete sleeper retaining wall and do a kitchen and bathroom renovation and the costs are totally off the charts. Yesterday we bought a unfurnished luxury level apartment in Tivat, Montenegro and we are able to get top quality Italian furniture and fittings delivered within the week and the kitchen going in is top notch with a custom shaped Samsung stone bench for under 5000 euros and can be done within the month. Something is drastically interfering with the market in Australia that needs investigation.

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