Homebuyers abandoning mortgages

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Chinese buyers are abandoning their mortgages on stalled projects. What will this mean for the Australian economy?


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  1. Misinformation!!! Make tiny small part of population problems into big deal. Exaggeration and speculation of future. Heise you have gotten wrong or inaccurate.

  2. So the coal price is up , so how's that green energy panning out for the world now.😂 don't get me wrong I think we need to eventually go green energy but built up over a long time to make sure we have the energy to power our economy and that it could sustain the grid before slowly shutting down our coal plants

  3. The price of copper tracks directly with construction. China has effectively shot itself in the foot. Australia lost nothing by their petty fiscal war against us. Wish lobsters would drop domestically in price..

  4. You juat need to look over to Japan …. 4 decades and counting … of depression, s suicides and a thriving porn industry …. or… what your kids can look forward to.

  5. China is deflating its property bubble and will come out good from it. They will get itdiwn 40 to 50 percent which us already happening

    But the truth is majority countries like US, Europe, Australia, NZ, Canada, etc goes down 10 percent they start shivering and pisz in pants .

    Remember China produces goods and it is a manufacturing juggernaut. and majority of western countries don't produce much.

  6. From my understanding, the Chinese don't pay a deposit on properties off the plan as we do in Australia. They get a loan from a China bank and pay in full the cost of the property upfront. As the property is being built they are paying off the loan. Because of the lockdowns, buyers are paying for something that hasn't been delivered yet by the developers and the lockdowns are obviously pissing the buyers off as the banks are collecting mortgage repayments.

  7. Many of the large developers of apartments in Australia are subsidies of Chinese companies or underwritten by Chinese companies or are only build for Chinese investment clients/customers. It's all a Jenga puzzle and we are down to the last few options.

  8. Watch Cu , it is approaching one of the great buys ever ! 🚀 The problem is picking the bottom , as Buffet says , you will never pick the top or bottom 😭 . Good luck everyone 🤷‍♂️ .

  9. I remember not that long ago when coal was $150, and greenies were telling that it will not be economically viable to mine coal as renewables were cheaper. I asked them to explain why China was planning to double their coal power generation over the next five years if that were the case. Now coal is $400….

  10. A free market profit driven
    system is sometimes best under certain conditions, but Chinese property market (which are capitalist) shows how horrifically & massively wasteful such a system is on a grade scale. Also a waste of our resources, imagine the better things it could go towards if it wasn't driven by profit, but Public Interest & transparency?

    That has been done before too, high quality & cheap Govt funded housing after WW2. Govt can even make a lot of money from it if they want to to fund pensions, or break even.
    Though Australia Govt creates the Aussie Dollar, so it doesn't need it from us for spending.

  11. In my latest video I outline how the Russian war is ausing the inflation that is taking income from China. Many have lost incomes not only from Cocid zero, but a slowing of exports to the cash strapped world that has to pay more for food and fuel.

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