Homeland Security’s Plan to Police Misinformation on Twitter

Taken from JRE #1891 w/Duncan Trussell:

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  1. Hahaha hahaha love it when the world wakes up to leftist insanity. I wonder how many of these Leftist, white, extremists, would still be Leftist, if, they knew Hitler was a Leftist, along with his party? 🤔

  2. Mal ,,, is for MALICIOUS , like malware . The DHS/ FBI were meeting once a month , thinktanking
    with the Democrats about censoring the GOP and pushing the democrats during election campaigns . That is what was exposed .

  3. Theres a simple way thats supposed to regulate all this stuff. It's called the ballot box. The public should decide what's true and what's not and make their choice accordingly. If it all goes wrong, then they will remove that government and select a new one. The government shouldn't select what they're allowed to see BEFORE they vote. That's authoritarianism.

  4. It's not the government or some agency that's creepy. Most of all it's people, I mean, D-E-L-E-T-ETHE DAMN APPS!!!!!! You addicted piece of 💩's. Throw out facebook, insta, y🇮🇱wtube and live your life or go to alternative apps where the gov doesn't have it's tentackles around just "yet".

  5. i dont care about any of this shit talking on the nose about people needing to do something and actually rallying a cause are 2 different things rogan sits on his nut to much and should be seen as such..
    Rogan i like rogan but he just accepts that boot on your necks as well and exclaims we need to do something about it but… and the buck stops
    Time to pay attention and move the needle back towards the real humans not those insulated from the oncoming disaster bred by corruption they created but towards us the humans that will perish While the corrupt celebrate there survival you will be burying a child
    remember that…
    Act now
    Pity later>>>

  6. About 50% of the federal government workforce needs let go. It's milking the taxpayers. The federal employees union is one of the most powerful entities on the planet and needs busted into 1 billion pieces.

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