Homeless Youth Sleeping Rough in London after Mother Died

Shaun is 19 years-old sleeping rough on the streets of London. After his father died, his mother got depressed. She started to drink more and take sleeping pills. Her depression got worse until she was hospitalized.

Four weeks before this interview, Shaun’s mother died. Two weeks later, the landlord kicked him out because he couldn’t pay the rent.

Shaun’s first night of homelessness, he woke up with his shoes stolen. Shaun said he didn’t know the rules for sleeping rough. He learned to use his shoes as a pillow.

The London Assembly housing committee report estimates that there are 13 times more hidden homeless people in London than those who are sleeping rough. Almost a quarter of a million under-25s homeless youth in London have stayed in an unsafe place because they have nowhere to call home.


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There is a direct correlation between what the general public perceives about homelessness and how it affects policy change. Most people blame homelessness on the person experiencing it instead of the increasing shortage of affordable housing, lack of employment, a living wage or the countless reasons that put a person at risk. This lack of understanding creates a dangerous cycle of misperception that leads to the inability to effectively address the root causes of homelessness.

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Written by Invisible People


  1. It's great that many of you want to help Shaun, but the truth is there are tens of thousands of homeless young adults just like Shaun sleeping rough, and THEY ALL NEED HELP. My suggestion is to connect with a local homeless services provider that's working to end homelessness and support them through donations, volunteering, or advocacy. It's IMPORTANT that we all take tangible actions to help prevents homelessness from happening in the first place, and if a person ends up sleeping rough, we need to support the organizations working to get them off the streets into housing! Please take that compassion and passion you're feeling and use it to help end homelessness for all young adults!

  2. For those who wants to extend help, the problem is that we don't even know where he is!! The lockdown in London is over and I presume that Shaun would be out and about. He has to be found first! Hopefully, someone would take the initiative to look around for him.

  3. He's in so much pain! Sad to see it! I'd adopt him and he could teach english in Brazil. He's so beautiful he needs some love, he's in depression. Damn it the world is hard I'm thankful to have a place to sleep every night and day.

  4. this broke my heart. i’m crying i wish i could help him. i wish there was a cash app or some place i could donate money to him. i’d give him everything in my bank account rn if i could.

  5. How hard would it be to build a homeless shelter with rooms that lock (for privacy and safety)and have a private bathroom, when there are tons of billionaires who have the money to build such simple accomodations? It could be a mobile unit set up in an abandoned parking lot. The evil people get all the billions and problem solvers with great ideas who want to actually help people, have nada.