Homelessness in California: “It’s not normal the level of homelessness we have here.”

Video 2/3: In this SIEPR video series, Stanford Research Scholar Jialu Streeter leads policymakers, academics, and homeless individuals in a discussion about factors that contribute to California’s homelessness crisis. Watch the series:

To view full-length interviews of subjects in these videos, visit:

Twenty-five percent of unhoused people in America live in California, a state that claims 12 percent of the nation’s population. SIEPR Research Scholar Jialu Streeter leads policymakers, advocates and scholars through a discussion of the housing regulations and policies that have contributed to – and attempted to ease – homelessness over the past several decades.

7:18 Housing Regulations, Shortage and Unaffordability

17:43 Transportation Infrastructure

20:31Housing First or Shelter First

33:13 Housing First in Practice

38:33 Homeless Encampment


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