Homeowners Are Blasting at Democrat Criminals On a Daily Basis Now


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  1. I'm a 20 year old republican from nyc and here I had been falsely accused of having a knife and threatening without having a knife I never carried a knife nor threatened anyone in my life I have no need to do so I go to college and I work pray that these charges will be dismissed I'm irish and Italian raised by good parents I wouldn't ever done that

  2. I understand that it's typical for me to say I'm innocent but truth is truth and this truth is I told them to put their scooter bell up their butt they didn't like what I said and had me arrested eventhough I called the police

  3. I'm happy this law abiding veteran was able to rightfully defend himself. The loving tolerant non-racist democrats would disarm him and turn him into a victim.

  4. There's a reason why gun sales went up after the George Floyd riots.
    Because f'ing democrats just let those riots happen and even supported them.
    Well guess what?
    If our leaders won't protect us then I guess we'll have to do it ourselves.

  5. Leftists think "gun nuts" and "right wing"(ie, everyone not explicitly left leaning) people are all racists and would be aghast at black people owning guns

    In reality, even most legit black hatung racsists would give a thumbs up to this guy for defending himself. The main problem with leftists is that they don't undertsand anything. They don't understand basic reality, the thoughts of their opposition, or the consequences of their own actions. And they don't understand because they do not WANT to understand, fearing that simply seeing what others actually believe, or knowing how the world actually works in ways that disagree with their own notions, would somehow make them "bad" as well.

    Then they call themselves "tolerant". Which helps shield them from recognizing their own self inflicted delusion

  6. This is the way communism starts in any history book.
    Break the rule of law.
    Get rid of history, culture, and heroes.
    Limit the food supply.
    Destroy the value of hard work and money.
    These people are not liberals.
    They are not Democrats.
    They are COMMUNISTS, plain and simple, to call them any other thing is a lie….

  7. This is why you have a god given rights to DEFEND yourself from sickos and weirdos who can’t afford nice things on their own , so they go to peoples houses and try to steal stuff , or go to target and smash the windows all so they can get a 500$ TV and the newest copy of NBA 2K / Call Of Duty …. America the land of the …..

  8. Here’s something I read a long time ago. Karl Marx the founder of communism told the workers, under no circumstances should you ever, ever hand over your guns and rifles to the government.

  9. You're damn right this is all by design. Criminals in suits send out their low level street thugs to do their dirty work. I am just glad I live where I live. The criminals with a couple brain cells to rub together move along and pick soft targets in blue zones. They know those places are easy to hit and offer the least resistance.

  10. The Democrats have been trying as hard as I can to get the American people to revolt against each other with all their lies. That way they think they can call military law lockdown. But what they don't understand is the military is made up of everyone's sons and daughters and they are not going to turn on their parents just because the communist leader in charge says to.

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