Homing In On Price Falls, With More To Come…

The latest figures from CoreLogic show prices for homes are easing, and in some places falling. We look at the data, in the light of pressures on households, and rising stress as reported in our latest surveys. And we consider the future trajectory, sheeting the shape of price changes and wealth directly at the door of RBA monetary policy


0:00 Start
0:15 Introduction
0:25 June Price Moves
1:50 Major Cities
2:50 Regionals
3:50 Listings and Sales
5:50 Rentals
7:50 Outlook
12:00 Commentary
13:00 Latest Mortgage Stress
13:50 RBA will influence falls or gains
17:45 Conclusion and close

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  1. This is nothing we will see 25 to 30% in next 12 months 100% seen this before ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️😮😮😳😳🙏😃👍down you go you good thing 👍🫢🫢🫢🫢over 2 year’s most properties are up 100 to 150 % so 30% down is a drop in the ocean 😉😉😉😉

  2. I can't see inflation in Australia abating any time soon. Simply because business will charge as much as they can get in order to pay ever exorbitant overheads. Also business closures and lockdowns have loaded existing businesses with extra demand.
    Those rates are going to go higher than they are letting on. A quick Google search shows not a peep from anyone predicting how high rates will go. OCR will go higher than 3.5% IMHO.

  3. It's logical really. Raise fixed rates first, then start on the variable. This will give banks more control over their loan books. Mortgage holders will have no where to go.

  4. Thanks Mr. Martin…well True Believers…the 2016 building downturn, the Royal Commission into Banking, skyrocketing Property prices, record employment, the end of fiscal stimulus, a change of Government with no rescue policy planned and now interest rates forecast to blow through 8%…what interesting Tory Liberal times you live in…eh?

  5. LOOK OUT! – I'll tell, you the following, be prepared for stagflation!!! I sold a property in UK at $160K sterling peaking the market, (anyone guess the year gets a cigar) it sold 3 years later for $120K & then again 9 years later at $150K. So in total 12 years to not even broach my sale price. Well positioned & custom newly built in beautiful greenbelt within 35 miles SE of London literally five miles from Ascot racecourse, a very affluent area. Wake up & people reckon prices do not go down. Get ready for disappointment & a necessity for pairing back on expected treats. The 2019 correction in Sydney was just a taster of whats coming & it ain't going back up for a very very long time.

  6. Hmm. Things are hollowing out it seems. More RBA discipline to be delivered next Tuesday should slap the inattentive awake. Landlords are gouging, but who is surprised? As I said, is it a disaster if prices return to pre-pandemic levels? You no doubt see a ‘crisis’ around every corner, in every bias confirming data point you discover on a daily basis, but your’e never right, never been right, and won’t be right this time.

    Still pumping the bizarre bourgeois idea the RBA will save the rent seeking middle classes. It’s getting quite tragic. You’ve obviously never dined with these monster Mandarins. Stomp, stomp, stomp Mr. North. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Your’e about to learn a lesson.

    See you in September.

  7. Martin, really .Take a BREATH into to the real world.
    A culture of prolonged biased MSM propaganda is not the masses ?
    Just folly the US Fed… Aust is doomed, for some… others are making money… what to do what a train crash? No hubris … just sad

  8. Let the half brain breeders out-compete each other to slave away just to breed up fodder for Duttons future China wars.

    Lobbyists successfully compelled our Westminster clownshow to repeat Hitler's failed quantitative population growth agenda…

    What could go wrong lol

  9. You can keep beating up this dead horse Martin, and more strength to you, but as long as the unemployment
    is down or under control the average punter will battle on. Great stats but I can't even see a correction.
    Plus you have to tell us what percentage of homes are owned by mums and dads vs super funds…now that's
    relevant before we go into panic mode. Makes sense?

  10. 13.13
    45% of households are in mortgage stress Martin, as you say quite rightly.

    A shocking state of affairs indeed.

    The understated inflation on it's own is incredibly significant of course.

    All the main stream narratives of record savings to fall back on and a rosy jobs picture are mythical in nature.

    Rich 1% have 'savings' – they were filtered the bulk of government's borrowed money, one way or another.

    Jobs are being messed with. Most people working are the working poor. And bordrrs being open means unemployment will rebound, I think.

    Good show Martin. I love to hear your voice and thoughts. 🙂

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