Honk Honk! Epstein Agent Jean-Luc Brunel “Kills Himself” in a Paris Cell


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  1. Don't tell me, he spontaneously exploded. Proof that if you have riches you can have anyone snuffed out. The corruption runs deep. Lets see, Hillary is running for President so they need to wipe out any potential scandals before they leak out… It doesn't take a lot of thought to see the obvious connection. The World Economic Forum wants Hillary in office and they are the richest people on the planet. One call and anyone can get snuffed.

  2. You can add Trudeau to the ghoster- roster……eventually. The father of the young girl that the "big hair with bigger ego" PM raped in BC when he was a, ahem, 29 year old private school teacher, didn't sign any NDA like his daughter had to, after her $2.25M payoff in fall of 2020, and he's talking now. Apparently, his daughter wasn't sweet 17 if you know what I mean….she was much, much younger…(rubs hands in glee)….

  3. A&E is showing this series called Secrets of Playboy where the bunnies talk about their experiences at the Playboy mansion (sold to Daren Metropoulos, Hefner's neighbor — look to the Greek connection, famous for their secret contrivances).

    I watched a little of the series, and frankly I was shocked at the amount of drugs going on. I always thought Hugh Hefner kept it a clean operation. Apparently not.

  4. I want the scandal and the fall of Hollywood. We would all benefit so much. I think the free market in entertainment would benefit too. We all need this to collapse! I don't want to support such corruption. I feel dirty watching movies knowing what I now know about what really goes on in Hollyweird.

  5. Everyone loves k9to blame the Clinton's.
    While they are pond scum they are at the bottom of the barrel of the truly powerful.
    Those people have no name. We could hear it spoken and say out loud
    The real power is invisible.

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  7. Never forget, Epstein killed himself with a rag at the exact moment all the cameras glitched out and all the guards were simultaneously taking emergency bathroom breaks. Also, Joe Biden legitimately received the most votes in the history of American elections. Also, a million dead from COVID. Also, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a good reason to invade Vietnam. Also: Tower 7 fell instantly because of fire, Flight 93 vaporized in Shanksville, no footage or wreckage exists from Flight 77 hitting The Pentagon, molten steel pouring out of the towers had nothing to do with thermite found in ground zero dust samples, Iraq had WMDs, and Bin Laden is sleeping with the fishes. Aaaaand we haven't gone to the moon since 1972 because 'been there done that.'

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