Hopin sacks 242 staff

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The pandemic boom is over.


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  1. fast paced and constantly changing == chaotic company – there's a corporate buzzword dictionary for these types of things……

  2. I'm a very handy man cuz my dad taught me a lot as a carpenter we never ever touch any job with a builder or a construction company unless its paid upfront in full if those pieces of human trash companies cant do that then they shouldn't be in business and f them off cuz no one cares.

    My old man on his principals had less than 1k outstanding from 30+ years in the industry. If stupid insolvent zombie companies can't pay in full its a sign to clowns that u shouldn't take the job and tell them all to F off.

    This is close to me I know how they run things through experience they pay full 1 or 2 jobs after that they talk to my dad about a "line of credit" and that's when the relationship ends happens every time. These construction and building companies take sole traders for suckers and when they go under its the subbies that get rekt. Seen it with my own eyes. These pieces of human garbage are always do the job quickly quick quick and pay well slow slow or never

  3. Most of the corporations in Aus now are flooded with Asians Indians and Gay people….you dont fit into one of these groups? You qant going qnywhere within the company

  4. The funding these "tech" start-ups receive is moronic. I worked for a mining start up that had exclusive acess to high purity quartz deposits. This is a critical material for semi conductor and solar panel production there are only 2 other producers in the world in the US and Russia and there were growing shortages. Even the low grade (for us) product is worth nearly $500aud a tonne and the top grade was worth nearly 15K a tonne we had proven we could produce the low grade product with nearly zero processing only 2 steps once the rock is crushed and the medium grade only took one extra step and we were less than a few ppm away from the highest grade. Despite all that it was an absolute struggle to get more than a mill in funding. They got it eventually but only after the whole thing nearly fell over. Found out later that this company was the third attempt at using this resource.

    I'd love to be those early investors now.

  5. It's pretty blatantly obvious that the economy has slowed by 30%

    In every industry 30% being layed off

    It's every where
    We are heading for a depression

  6. Sounds like they are hopin' to make it…

    I don't put in any hope with companies that have bullshit evaluations predicated on hype.

    If the company is only successful because they have sales people running the show that are great at money raising, run for the hills, good chance it's a company with little substance and when the money dries up, there is no solid business model to fall back on.

  7. Wage rises for centerlink recipients, students, pensioner, single parents, job seekers and disabilities today.

    Wage rises for all workers of 5 % and middle and high income workers now benefiting from big income tax cuts, plus tax returns due over next few months.

    Can now use super to buy house and heaps of work for tradies to fix damage from floods in NSW and QLD. Extra shifts for health care staff as covid increases hospital admissions.

    Record low underemployment and unemployment, huge demand coming over next 6 months as massive amounts of govenment money will flood the market causing a boom of demand outstripping supply.

    RBA only lifting interest rates to a max of 2% in next 6 months insted of it being 5,6,7,8 % like everywhere else in world causing more money then usual flooding market.

    The only concern is the booms affect on inflation over next 6 months. Mmm.. whats the point of extra money if everything cost more. But still as it stands the economy is booming and will boom, 60 to 70% of australians are in the top 1% of the wealthiest , most indulged to have ever lived in the world in all history, so not so bad for them over next 6 months. But as for the 30 to 40% that are going to do it hard, yes sad and unfair, the wealth distribution is off or out but I have no idea how to change that.. its a system issue.

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