Horror Poll ForJoe Biden; First Poll After Reade’s Allegations;

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Horror Poll ForJoe Biden; First Polling After Reade’s Allegations


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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


  1. I wish people would slapdown the least worst option / lesser of two evils paradigm . Don't vote for either evil vote 3rd option and you won't have to wrestle with this bs

  2. I cannot believe that you seriously believe that Biden will be the Dem nominee. He is a placeholder and he even said he was the "transition candidate" in one of his few truthful messages.

  3. Jamarl is misunderstanding the stats of people of color dying more. The reason for that is that more people of color are working at higher risk jobs than whites. So the difference is between poor and wealthy not between races. So a lot of Trump voters who are poor or lower class would get affected as well. Actually Democratic beloved professional class get the least hit.

  4. Joe‘s campaign is too out of touch to recover from this, they’re scaring remaining voters away with cringe videos of Joe calling celebs from his basement.

  5. We actually do need to open. He's right. Sorry. More will die (and are dying) if he doesn't. I'm not a Trump fan. It's just that we need to stop hiding away and do things that support our immune system. Yes, people are dying. Did you notice people do die of things? We have to become aware of how many will suffer & die from crashing the world and then compare.

  6. Jamarl…some of us want to reopen our businesses, return to work. Do you not understand that small businesses will lose everything if we don't reopen? Small and medium businesses are the backbone of our economy and while vulnerable or elderly people have the right to stay home/quarantine, others have the right to go out, to reopen, to work. The poverty this collapse of our economy will cause will kill millions more than any virus.

  7. A payroll tax cut just means they have more excuses to privatize SS and Medicare….. taxes have NEVER funded any of these programs…the $ is what drives the taxes… the $ is a brake pedal or gas pedal to control wealth division and inflation problems. But lack of“resources“ are what drives inflation along with spending by the federal government because of LACK of resources. #learnmmt

  8. There are a disproportionate number of people of color dying from the virus but it's not as bad as the disparity between males and females. Across the entire world, men have made up 60-70% of the deaths from COVID-19 and this applies to every age group. The only group that is more correlated with death due to COVID-19 is old people. The disparity between races is deeply troubling I don't think Trump is trying to open the country with the plan that it will kill more Democratic voters even if I thought anyone on the Trump team was smart enough to come up with a plan… any plan. Trump wants to open the country up for the same reason most people who aren't starving because of the shutdown want to open it and that is because the value money and profit over people… all people. There are probably a few protesters who are against science and that's why they want to country to open up but I'm guessing quite a few of the people protesting are there because they don't see any other way to get food than to go to work to earn money to buy it. Hunger has a way of making just about anyone surprisingly irrational. People who understand the ploy against regular people want us all to be desperate and those who think they care about us are so out of touch that they don't even know we're suffering. For those who love money, though, opening the economy is the only way for them to perpetuate the notion that money is worth something because when an entire world must shut down, it makes more sense for us all to help one another and that kind of thing ought to lead people to realize that money is nothing more than paper that is artificially bestowed with value.

  9. What Democrats give you a warm fuzzy. Almost all of them are flagrantly lying to support Biden. Do we want to support any of these lying rapist empowering scumbags? All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I'd argue that in the democratic party there ain't no good. Like cops watching a cop commit premeditated murder with tacit approval and no care to the protection of the people letting that abusive murderer date his daughter. They are both horrifically horrible. I can excuse the powerless Dems who don't bother wasting their breath. But the full throated endorsers are a problem. I wouldn't care too much to vote for Bernie Sanders at this point because hes promoted Joe. Biden has more molester video than Trump. A much bigger history of racism. He's more personally done worse to the poor and started more wars. Not just voted for bad stuff but introduced and championed big prisons big wars big credit cards big pharma big insurance companies and segregated schools and says he's proud and intends to keep those positions. The millions of deaths on his hands and tens of millions of ruined lives at home and abroad are meaningless. He improperly touched a white woman and that's why he's a bad guy? If it just takes one more straw to break Joe camel's back, get a broom. Clean house. Perez to Schultz.

  10. What are u talking about?? People don't wanna go back to work because they are making an extra 2400$ a month on top of in employment! I'm still working and others are getting paid their whole pay to sit on their ass at home! W.H.O said there was no animal to people transmission, no one was prepared but of course orange man bad!!

  11. The worker who supports Trump is not the type of person to strike out beyond the condition of their existence. 
    The Trump conservative worker has a self-interest to consolidate their holdings. Conservative working people who own more than enough to be conservative about live in the suburbs and in seclusion of cities, and want to see themselves and their holdings saved and favored by the Trump administration, they are his "warriors", there could be 20 million conservative blue collar working couples supporting Trump fluctuating, to 5000 billionaire families who support Trump no matter what. Are they also superstitious, judgmental and prejudiced people in America? Sure, they are. Are they mercenaries? Alt Right, religious evangelicals? Quite possibly, easily agitated people let's say, a few of them could be part of an ugly election loss. Some virulent right wing groups who support Trump would see his election loss as a war. They see themselves as righteous even if the majority see them in their wrongs is an American paradox. The wiser working class groups want to preserve the whole social structure without Trump. The more advanced workers with long establshed careers in the scientific branches of industry are less conservative even as they have more in material wealth to be conservative about than the conservative blue collar Trump supporter. They go beyond the conditions of existence the self of the blue collar Trump supporter cannot get over and call for a change in the mode of production. They do not want to preserve the social order like most, they want to abolish or transform the current way of life that produces for want into a new way of life that produces for need. This is because their education leads them toward a more radical solution in restarting the economy, a new economy without the social relations of Pre-9/11 society as its foundation. The majority are not returning to business as usual in the restart of the economy because half of 72 million small businesses do not have a functioning and safe supply chain of material goods normally delivered through the large corporations and too many opportunities for abuses in that circulation system exist.

  12. What Jamarl said in the end of this video regarding more poor working class lefties are being affected & dying from covid19 than the better off Republicans is what I realized a month ago. So if you play the attrition game, then covid19 overall will result in favorable R:D ratio. Certain, many Repubs will get afflicted too, but if Repubs never find fault in Trump for it, it's a no lose situation for Trump. Now if they Repubs do turn around & find fault in Trump for it, then Trump may reverse course, but this doesn't seem likely at the moment.

  13. Remember when Cap asked Tony if it was the “first time he lost a soldier?” after Coulson died and Tony’s immediate reaction was “WE’RE NOT SOLDIERS.”? And that guy was an effin superhero.

  14. Jamarl think he is slick ? Only focusing on the Ds/Rs like that shit matters ? INDEPENDENTS IS THE ONLY GROUP TO WIN and Marl knows this which is why he quickly glosses over the INDs numbers and which is why the Ds will lose again. ? Address all the facts sir.

  15. Jamarl, I'm confused by your messaging on this video. Are you implying that much of the Trump base are well to do suburbanites that can work from home? I gather most of the people protesting that are trump supporters are probably not. I'm confused here. When I think of the bases, it seems like the well to do whites are often liberals, thus democratic party. The people least affected if the economy opens back up.

  16. Tara Reade armed w a sexual allegation was able to do in 1 month what Bernie Sanders and the whole progressive movement couldn’t do in 2 election cycles, defeat the DNC candidate.
    The USA women’s soccer team just proved once again, in court, that the gender wage gap due to discrimination against women is fake!

    But feminists tells us we live in a rape culture, that we somehow support raping women,
    And that American women get paid less than men.

  17. We are confronted with a complex problem that is exacerbated by the average human's aversion to death. Death is simply NOT A SOLUTION. Trump is choosing death for many. Biden is a walking cadaver and useless here. See what you get when your country is turned over to a couple of hoodlum gangs who are masquerading as po;itical parties and who have equated the accumulation of money as "government?"

  18. This lockdown is pissing me off. I want to go back to freaking work. Does anyone actually know someone with Covid 19? cuz i'll pay you 20 bucks to cough in my face. i understand that my chances of survival will plummet down to 99.7% but i'm willing to throw those dice to get this shit over with

  19. Excellent breakdown of numbers by Jamari-pretty much staying the same-for whatever reason, Trump’s cult followers will stick with him, despite all his ugliness with running this country as a business. What always stands out is the insanity of many that Trump is right in opening the country for business, while the jury of many medical experts warned-it too soon and still, we have a moron in the W.H. Along with other stooges in his party to accept loss of lives, in order to get the economy running, but for the benefit for whom? Not for the workers holding menial paying jobs and for the most part, poor and non-whites-but to the well off and who can have the advantage of working from work or not going to work. By not living paycheck to paycheck-who the f**k want to risk the lost of life-after all, the establishment of the wealthy and powerful of the “Corporate State” don’t give a sh-t for the middle class nor the working poor, why would they? Here’s the evilness and total disregard to the better health of the country-Neither Trump nor the corporate party (GOP,) has ever cared for the welfare interest of millions of Americans to take precautions nor doing any competent health planning just in case of a pandemic or other catastrophic event to occur and not to drag their feet into action.
    Bottom line-this opening up the economy for business is so myopic and the hubris of Trump and his followers are only asking for more needless deaths. One more thing, and very succinct-if congress want to help Wall Street by “”Corporate Socialism” with the major portion of Stimulus money, he’ll if I’ll be going back, to what? Plus, the lives of my my immediate family and loved ones? You have to be out of your f**king mind! No calls by the medical experts or infectious disease experts and just POS politicians? Oh, by the way, not all employers will even clean up and sanitize the workplace. And where the hell is OSHA?!

  20. What important in the polling your are using is independents are missing so a huge portion of the voting block is missing. Honestly, Jamarl everything is not JUST Trump fault. You need to start calling everyone out to include democrats. Democrats knew about the virus the same time Trump knew.

  21. President Bone spurs … says we (idiots) are Warriors. Gastly numbers. RNC and DNC are both out of touch parties… actively trying to abandon their own bases. Why???