Hospitals Are OVERRUN With Non-COVID Patients, A ‘Super Cold’ Is Spreading And People Are VERY Sick

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  1. T-cell suppression as a result of the Jab… this was a point of concern for a fair few experts, quite possible that there is going to be large increases in cancer, illness of many kinds, shingles ect. I assume this also has to do with the lack of human connection, outdoors and normal life. We shall see soon enough if this is a temporary phenomenon or the new normal because of the stupidity and wickedness of the "Experts" pushing the jab.

  2. This is why words like CRISPR , messengerRNA ,and spike proteins scare me to death. F#$k the vaccine . I will take my chances on herd immunity. Like I always tell my kids wash your hands, don't touch your face and live your life.

  3. No,people are being over dramatic. It happens every cold and flu season. People catch a cold, they think it's the end of the world when it's nothing of the sort. People use the ER as their primary care provider. 95% of what shows up to the ER is bullshit.

  4. There is going to be so much of this, its going to be very hard for MSM to lie about what’s happening. Time will show the truth and the more booster shots given out the worst it will get!!

  5. Find out if the people that are filling up hospitals got the jab its easy to find out that? Why don’t they release that information?? It’s the lack of that information that makes me think it’s being covered up

  6. This must be what I had in September. If course no one will ever know because they don't want to find out unless they can bill me yet not spend anything to actually help. Just getting over covid now and the thing in September was worse.

  7. Time to start taking supplements, improve diet and build up immunity. I ramp up the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) intake whenever I feel anything coming on and usually feel better within hours. Vitamin D3, zinc, ascorbic acid are the essential three but plenty more will help too.

  8. "Tingling arm" is now classic post-vaccine injury. And the people who present with these symptoms are immediately treated as psych patients, given anti-anxiety medication. Idiotic.

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