Hospitals Cutting Staff IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC???

The fact that profits rather than need is the driving factor in the American healthcare system could not be clearer – based on the fact that at the behest of their private equity owners so many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are currently cutting doctors’ and nurses’ hours and laying off staff even as pandemic conditions clog up ICUs across the nation.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the latest example of the scourge of for-profit healthcare.

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  1. At least with private medical providers in the US some of them will give you alternate covid treatment like monoclonals and ivermectin. In Canada's govt run medical system no one is allowed any alternate treatment like monoclonals and ivermectin

  2. That's how I know the powers that be want more people to die. Our "free" UK NHS is far worse than you yanks. I never understood Americans obsession with bloated bureaucratic healthcare system of Europe and the commonwealth. You guys just need to get your government out of healthcare and let competition drive down costs.

  3. I think Jimmy is cooking Graham Elwood ass well done, for thinking that vaccine mandates are a solution to the pandemic.
    Feeling the burn Graham?
    Jimmy is smoking you hard with a ton of facts. Have Dr Malone on your show and have a real debate on Covid. You might learn something good.

  4. I have not been to a doctor or hospital since before the "Great Plandemic, nor will I go, even if I'm dying, everyone needs to not go in at this point, you're just being killed if you do, and by not going we can make these bastards go belly up.

  5. When the government and media make you scared for whatever reason….a "terrorist attack"… a "virus"…."school shootings"…."knife crime"……Know that if it important to them to repeatedly emphasize….it is likely a lie or deceit dressed as Truth and you need to investigate and expose. The world must never trust their government and media again. No matter what. Turn your TVs off and/or choose organic, peaceful and truly helpful, educational videos etc that make you a better version of yourself everyday. Minimise digital use too. Heal and allign with yourself and act on what makes you happy and what solves any problems in your life. The gov and media won't ever tell you to do this with any real meaning or consequence.

  6. Universal healthcare has one big problem: The State would operate it, these mandates would get legitimized like I see here in Europe. And we have not even universal healthcare, we are forced to subscribe to one of a handful of (private) government cronys. If you don't subscribe, you can at worst get imprisoned. So, I would be careful with that. It`s a lot of power to own the healthcare system.

  7. Cutting unvaxed staff and we have a PERPETUALLY bed shortage up here in Canada. Sadly, it's mismanagement and an overabundance, not of caution – but an overabundance of administration and managers that eat up the BULK of health care funding. This is socialized medicine. Same problem (shortage of beds) different group of uncaring incompetents. It is ILLEGAL for medical doctors to offer FEE FOR SERVICES. I'm currently making friends with my dog's doctor in case I need help.

  8. The difference between unvaccinated and smokers, obese etc is that obese and smokers are damaging themselves. The unvaxxed are not. Having said that of course ICU beds should be available to all

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