Hospitals to stop testing for asymptomatic admissions

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UK Zoe data

New symptomatic cases per day, 108,841

Current symptomatic prevalence, 1,659,056

UK, ONS latest, 24th August

UK viral positive prevalence

2.63% in England (1 in 40 people)

2.39% in Wales (1 in 40 people)

2.00% in Northern Ireland (1 in 50 people)

3.12% in Scotland (1 in 30 people)

Risk of reinfection

Five times higher in the period when the Omicron variants common (20 December 2021 and onwards),

compared with the period when the Delta variant common (17 May to 19 December 2021)

Risk of reinfection in earlier Omicron period, (March 2022) people were 10 times more likely to be reinfected

Overall UK hospital admissions with covid

Percentage of patients in acute hospitals with confirmed COVID-19 who are being treated primarily for COVID-19

UK official data

US variants nowcast

BA.5 88.9%

BA.4.6 6.3%

BA.4 4.3%

BA.2 0%
BA.1s 0%
Delta 0%

US data, over past two weeks

Cases, down 16% (almost all states)

Test positivity, at 15% down slightly

Hospitalizations, down 8% (down in about half of the states)

Deaths, down 5% (below 500 per day)

Dr. Anthony Fauci (81)

Stepping down in December

Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), (since 1984)

part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. What did YT do when the WHO contradicted every pandemic protocol themselves? Nothing, of course. There is a big problem when the WHO can dictate scientific action when there are still uncertainties in the science.

  2. “The acute phase of the pandemic is coming to an end”. Now if governments would stop interfering with our choices of paths to stay healthy we would be all set. Except they will continue to beat people over the head with mandates and coercive measures to continue to put the screws to us and keep us in a fearful and therefore controllable state of mind. And having tech companies do their censorship for them just adds to that as even now people who know what they are talking about face deplatforming for providing differing points of view based on, often but not always, their extensive and professional backgrounds that, in many cases, provide more accurate and science based information than the so called experts at any of the various NGOs that deign to try to rule over us with their ideological money driven agendas.

  3. Dr. Campbell. You have NOTHING to apologize for. You simply stated facts from a UK study on adverse reactions. Unfortunately, YouTube, NIH, CDC, Biden, Fauci, etc all want that kind of info suppressed and if you don’t toe the line they will come after your livelihood. Please stay strong and speak the truth. History will remember you as one that put ethics above profits.

  4. New variant right before midterms.. watch and see… It's laughable that the good Dr's channel gets more views than the CDC and WHO combined. Bahahaha . Good for you Doc. You earned it.

  5. So, because you won’t lie you are punished?
    Very ethical. No personal attack there by YouTube. It’s all in the policy agreement to uphold the authenticity of the website. The transparency is clear once they don’t tell you what was the actual violation.
    Simple guidelines to follow as the guidelines change unexpectedly; some lies are accepted; some truths are banned; and violations are partially vague while some hidden.

  6. So… about the self-replicating nanoparticles that can jump from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated: Why even think up something like that if you're on the conspiracy side of things? How does that kind of thinking get you into power? Seriously.

  7. Utube is being pressured or threatened by these ORGS. to pressure and threaten you. These ORGS. want all the attention as the beat all do gooders and get butt hurt if that is not always the case.
    Guess what you Bully ORGS. …. Nobody is perfect , Dr. John made that very clear, he wasn't attacking you…he was stating the simple fact…Nobody is perfect. We all get it…you need to. duh.
    Thank you Dr. John for professionally handling this UNprofessional tantrum.

  8. Thank you doc, No need to apologies at all and I believe you are far away from misguiding anyone, you just need to compromise every now and then other wise people and I will be really misguided for sure.

  9. Thanks for the update. Any chance you can post it on another platform. Since you always use scientific data I find it hard to accept the censorship. The real science is starting to show the actual results of the last 2 and a half years…..
    Perhaps your community of people who have listened and accepted what you have said need to form a mailing list for you to contact so that another platform can host you incase utube flexes it's viewing censorship to exclude other interesting videos by you….
    I know you have a financial commitment for the time being to utube however the company needs to explain specifically what guidelines were breached so the public are aware….
    Thanks again John….. your consciousness has touched many others…

  10. You certainly don’t need to apologize for misleading anyone because it’s doubtful you did. I didn’t see the video, but I highly doubt what you had to say was wrong. Different, perhaps, but not inaccurate. (I do hope you have backups of all you’ve put on YT should anything occur, which I pray it does not.)

  11. So just to recap slightly re the deleted video… 98.7% of those who watched that video "LIKED" it. That is very close to 99%, which itself is not far off 100%.
    So yt deleted your video despite an almost 100% "LIKE" rate? Got it. Youtube are, it appears, completely out of sync with the readership of this page.
    This is very interesting to AN. We at AN have watched over the last fifteen years or so as the popularity of the worlds favourite parents, Kate & Gerry, has errrr "changed". At first, as they reported the evidence-less abduction of their daughter Madeleine from a Portuguese holiday flat in May 2007, the couple garnered as much as 95% of the publics support. But as the pair appeared on TV & in print media more & more, their popularity plummeted. It fell to such an extent that media such as The Sun would often deny it's readers the pleasure of responding to their often very sycophantic articles about the McCanns. Often the media would print articles about the McCanns without sharing them to their social media. It became difficult for the media to protray the McCanns as innocents when the general public was no longer on-side. Almost 100% of the public distrust the McCanns & almost 100% of the public distrust this new narrative. On the occassions that the media does permit discussion or feeds an article onto their social media, the public tend to be around about 99% against the McCanns with only the odd very rare supportive post.
    Seems to me that in less than three years, the Covid/wackzine narrative has collapsed to a similar degree, except it didn't take fifteen years this time.

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