Hot Babe Detained At Australian COVID Internment Camp EXPOSES Mistreatment And Lockdown Propaganda

Hot Babe Detained At Australian COVID Internment Camp EXPOSES Mistreatment And Lockdown Propaganda. As The Omicron variant spreads in the news and fear rises more politicians begin implementing lockdowns and covid restrictions.

In Australia people are now being taken by force to quarantine camps, one such camp is the Howard SPrings Quarantine Camp.

To cover up and lie about the violation of human rights, propagandists at Quillette tried arguing that Hot babes were loving it.

But a hot babe has come out exposing the mistreatment and horrors of the interment camp


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


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  1. You guys are at that point, your past civil disobedience, it's your responsibility to dismantle everything and to start over. Complete loss of government, it's time to fight guys. You need to take the guns from them. It's time guys.

  2. The girl was told to not leave her porch. The photo of guys showed them off the porch. Don’t call these ‘concentration’ camps- internment camps like what the Japanese lived in can carry the same stigma.

  3. I bet you Aussies are sorry you gave up your guns a few years ago more than likely the only reason they haven't done it in America because once I actually start doing it here they will touch off a serious Civil War

  4. I would honestly argue with you tim, that they are killing people. If they think that the coronavirus is so bad, and as deadly as they say it is, then putting these people in these concentrated areas, AKA concentration camps. You are in fact killing some people, there will be some people that actually have that genetic predisposition where they are going to die because of the virus, whether it's their immune system is weak, or they have underlying health conditions, I would argue that they are killing them, they may not be the ones holding the gun, but they're definitely the one pulling the trigger

  5. Tim pool doesn’t have much to talk about. The govt here is trying to vaccinate and save people. Lockdown may not be pleasant but how else are you going to contain a virus like that . Idiot .

  6. When will people finàlly understand, Australia is the test ground for the West as a whole! If it works or almost works, it's then expanded to the UK and Canada, where they try to normalize it, working out any kinks and then America!!!
    They do it because America IS the light of the WORLD,a light that offers children around the world a goal that's, obtainable, until now.
    Sadly they are going to learn the yellow brick road is actually just a normal road, that's stained by PISS!!!
    Because when we submit, they become hopeless and stop trying to escape, their own HELL just to be greeted by another because the roads to a better life, no longer exists…

  7. Australians voluntarily giving up their firearms, and their right to defend themselves… because, hey, what could go wrong with that mate?……Welcome to 1984 Australia, good luck with that being carted off to camps thing you dingo's.

  8. More and more it seems like the coming years will be off horror. We are going to have to be stronger and braver than ever imagined. I am not going to be put in a camp, I refuse to submit to them. If you submit on this occasion we are opening up for being used as slave labour further down the road. Governments relocating people, putting them in camps, keeping them there with fencing and guns. History has witnessed this before. The propaganda pictures released from that camp shows people lying in hammocks, fraternizing outside their cells, even a basketball hoop attached to one of the cell doors. We now know this not to be true; You are not allowed to leave your balcony, basketballs, or any balls for that matter are forbidden inside the camp. I will rather die fighting them, than submitting to this.

  9. It’s all about control. When. Covid. Is over it will be some other health mandate. Some people are rebels, some are sheep. The sheep are fearing themselves into total control. They are the doe eyed idiots of the world.

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