House Democrat HUMILIATED For Gun Control Virtue Signaling

When New York Democratic Congressman Jerrold Nadler expressed support for increasing the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons from 18 to 21 because, as he noted, an 18-year-old’s brain is not yet fully developed, his Republican colleague from Kentucky, Thomas Massie, offered a rejoinder that left Nadler flummoxed and forced to admit that we have no compunction about drafting 18-year-olds to be sent off to kill and die in foreign wars.

Jimmy and his panelists, The Dive host Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss Nadler’s come-uppance and this wrinkle in the gun control debate.

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  1. This is not an own. What people don't realize is that the young men and women in the military are closely supervised. They don't carry loaded weapons around whenever and wherever they want. Sergeants closely supervise these guys. That's very different from an 18 year old going down to the gun shop and buying an AR-15.

  2. 1. NRA helped create tighter restrictions on gun owners and added background checks. NRA was willing to help government…

    2. AR-15 isn't a assault rifle. There is already a Assault Weapons ban since 94.

  3. Mark Ames who lived in Russia for over 10 years, once said that our government doesn't fear the gun nuts, they fear activists. Gun nuts will be hiding in their basements protecting their arsenals from a government that isn't coming for them. Notice on the purported "coup" that they all left their guns at home since the rioters didn't want to have them confiscated.

  4. The "were sending in a crack team of school shooters" joke by Kurt was hysterical lol I could tell the other dude was like "oh shiiiit, can i laugh" good stuff. thats how comedy should be

  5. What is an assault weapon? DO you mean fully automatic rifles because they are already banned. Please Jimmy do not fall for the Democrats gaslighting. By their definition, all weapons will be banned because all of them are assault weapons.

  6. So, if Nader had half of a brain he could have made the argument that 18 year olds in the military, when they're given a weapon, are almost always constantly supervized. He obviously does not know his ass from second base

  7. Have you seen what happens with countries who take guns from the people Jimmy???? Cmon
    Let's get real. I'll never give up mine!

  8. Hi guys i just wanted to say follow the money this kid was 18 years old from a relatively poor family he goes and spend close to $9000 on guns and ammunition! seriously? follow the money he got that money from somewhere!

  9. If firearms do not give people more power against the government then why is the government so intent on restricting them?
    It seems to me that if the Second Amendment is concerned with the militia (keeping the power to coerce in the hands of the people) then military-style weapons is what it is specifically designed to protect no matter what anyone thinks someone else needs.

  10. So this is really a discussion about why the citizens of the US were not treated like the citizens of Australia during covid. Hard to put the people in the box cars when they got guns.

  11. Hey Jimmy, everyone is going to need an "assault weapon" one day. Most of them will be needing them to fight for the things you yourself believe in the most.

    Do you really think voting will change anything? Do you take think a get another third party is going to stop the corporate machiene from running roughshod over the people?

    You are being disgustingly short sighted in this one.

    I'm glad you recognize that you are too psycho to own guns yourself, but guess what. That's not normal.

  12. Hasn't anyone connected the mass shootings as an FBI/CIA assets agenda that was put in place for the express purpose of terrorizing citizens into handing over our guns and thereby destroying the 2nd amendment? If you dig into the shooter's background you come up with kids who didn't have the resources or intelligence to pull off these on their own. This is all deliberate.

  13. Wow, I can't believe Jimmy actually used the nonsense term: Assault weapon. The second amendment is to provide the citizens with the adequate fire power to defend their home, family and country. That includes from its own corrupt government. If the military has something, the citizens should be able to match it. If you actually read the constitution anyway. Founding fathers said even artillery was fair game, as merchants needed to be able to defend their cargo ships.

  14. Assault weapon is a misnomer or a blanket statement, if I assault you with a broom, my broom is now an assault weapon.
    At-15s are not automatic. Automatic machine guns are already banned from civilian ownership.
    Guns are what keeps this country free, or as free as we still are atleast.
    There needs to be a solution, background checks are fine by me. But we need other real solutions than just saying let’s ban guns.
    Also if the left want to defund the police and take out guns, then we all become victims of crime and an authoritarian government.
    Good to hear Jackson and Kurt speak up on these issues!

  15. Guns don't make kids kill. It is horrible leadership that has lead us here. I remember back when Bush was president they cut funding for mental health. Also most shootings are done with hand guns, AR stands for Armalite Rifle, and it isn't a fear to give up weapons because people like you don't like them. Does Jimmy Dore trust the government to stop at scary looking rifles? Biden wants to ban 9mm. Go ahead and leave the guns with the police you trust, the army you trust, and the secret service protecting the politicians you trust. Don't give up your rights at all.

  16. The people of this country have been armed since its inception. It’s one of the pillars this nation is built on.

    While we’ve always been armed, we haven’t always had mass shootings like this.

    Why do Americans despise themselves and their fellow countryman so much today?

  17. ask the people in ukraine if they need guns! Also the 2nd amendment is just in case the first does not work out! also its a right jimmy given buy the founding fathers to protect us from the goverment you should know that buy know…please people don't pick and choose the amendments you want that not how it works! jimmy your misinformed about the ban under clinton read it!

  18. I recognize that Jerry Nadler and most of his cohorts have brains, which are in their ass, that arnt fully functional. My research does indicate that.

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