House Dems Want to Cancel Conservative News Channels?

House Democrats are under fire for sending a letter to several cable, satellite and streaming service companies that is tantamount to Congressional pressure to drop conservative-leaning outlets such as Fox News, One America and Newsmax.

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Written by Ben Swann

Ben Swann's Truth in Media Project"It's not about Left vs. Right... It's about Liberty vs. Tyranny"-Ben Swann


  1. It's hilarious that you guys say only conservatives are being targeted. It's ridiculous, both sides go at each other. And as for cancel culture, it's not a cancel culture if your actions have public citizen consequences. Hello?

  2. It isn't right vs left it's establishment vs populism. Post truth America is dominated by intelligence community propaganda. Time to end the secret government strangling the American public and warping its collective consciousness.

  3. This is Absolutely just UNBELIEVEABLE!!! People better Wake Up! and understand the FACT that COMMUNISM is at the foot of our doorstep! These Representatives Should be un-seated! They took an oath to uphold the Constitution Of The United States Of America! Yet what they're doing is the Antithesis of that!!! They Need to Go!!!

  4. Seriously though, TV is already dying.. congress is just putting the nail in the coffin. Who benefits? Tech, tech will be the only beneficiary of the next four years, not us, not anyone but tech. The stock market will reflect this, right Nancy Pelosi..that 1million in Tesla will pay off for her big time.

  5. Fakebook Screwtube Twitter Instagram Google are banning, censoring, locking out, shutting down, expiring, terminating, anyone who speaks the truth about pedophiles, political leaders and politicians and presidents who are totally corrupt and covid-19 lies and truth, vaccine lies and truth, Fact Checking with a False Narrative everyone, everything and anything.
    These are what is called communist socialist media propaganda platforms. ?