House DOUBLES Ukraine Aid To $13.6B, ABANDONS Social Programs

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss the $1.5T spending package passed by the House last night.

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  1. 'We" (i.e. the government) invests trillions in the u.s. and every penny makes things worse! We pay for beaurocracies that choke off our economy. We pay for people to be not productive so we all have less. If we cut domestic spending to zero, America would thrive. The advantage to foreign aid is that it only makes other countries worse off and leaves Americans alone.

  2. That amount of money to our corrupt military will likely bring the end of our world. Our military has no ethics, and no limit to what they will do to end our democracy. We are now officially a military state and not a free country. 100% traitors to our constitution.

  3. Kim it is Nationalism ..
    BS Robby no provocation.. look at the history of these 2 countries..corruption everywhere.. Stop policing the world .. democrats have wanted this war for the better part of a decade.
    Time to go home Kim .. quit fanning the flames of the plandemic.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if most of that money gets funneled into some corrupt cabinet..
    EDIT: Also, i've become immune to these "send money and fix the world" initiatives.
    When do we ever hear the result of these?
    We usually hear that a lot of money disappeared and no real help accounted for.

  5. We have homeless people sleeping under bridges. Why are we sending arms to a distant country to fight a war they can't possibly win? We are just prolonging their suffering. It's time for negotiations that will save lives. Why does Biden refuse to negotiate?

  6. So where is this money really going? Is it going to help the Ukrainian people? Or is it going to help fund the war which will just drag out their suffering and cause more civilian death.

  7. Thankfully Eastern Europeans are more caring that those on this forum. As for "abandons social programs" – well over half the US budget goes for social programs.

  8. I am surprised Kim didn't comment on how giving the aid is not really giving the aid. It's selling military stuff and making the few richer in the process. It's not like the government is going to give actual money. It's not to help someone abroad, it's to make a couple of very wealthy people even wealthier. Kim, please get it on your radar how that aid is actually provided. Please, Kim!

  9. First casualty of War is Truth. The first battle is in the mind. The most boisterous in a cause for war are most suspect. This happened in the IRAQ war, when Governments were duped in a non existent WMD scare.
    The mantra of Crisis Reaction Solution always pan out.
    The tapestry behind that UN is a Phoenix, a bird that rises from the ashes. It's the New World Order.
    They are even unashamed about this plan, that decades ago this was Conspiracy Stuff.
    Beware the Chip.

  10. The Kiev govt has been shelling the East for 8 years, 14K killed, shut down Russian speaking TV networks, jailed opposition candidates, etc. Why send them money? So they can join NATO?

  11. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's 2014 speech about the population of eastern Ukraine. Send them money?
    We will have work, not them.

    We will have pensions and they will not.
    We will have benefits for pensioners and children, they will not!
    Our children will go to school and day care, their children will stay in the cellars!
    Because they can't do anything.
    And that's how, precisely that, we will win this war.

  12. 1:30 yes Kim Ukraine is in a dyer situation/crisis they need all the help they can get IMMEDIATELY. You wacky right wing fraud you care more about being a female Tucker Carlson than you do about helping the country being invaded and torn apart as we speak.

  13. Love the pro Russia comments in the comments Rising. You have people here who love to see Ukrainians massacred and want Russia to win. They are all complaining that we are sending Ukraine money. Btw that social spending stuff wouldn’t have passed the senate. So anyone thinking it would probably don’t remember what happened with BBB in December.

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