House GOP Preparing To IMPEACH Biden After Midterms, He’s ‘Making Americans LESS SAFE’

House Republicans are prepping to impeach President Biden after midterms. Briahna Joy Gray & Robby Soave discuss whether they’ll be successful. #JoeBiden #Impeachment #impeachbiden

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  1. About time.
    But the Congress that attempted to impeach a non sitting president has to be dealt with first. Both Democrats & Republicans that help produce & approved such abominations .
    Democrats are being smothered by the illigal activities in Congress by this corrupt dinosaur criminal cabal abuse of power too.

    That is far from a misdemeanor.

  2. Thanks to a corrupt press. Independents became political nut cases with, factual fact, no mathematical skills or subjective fact, no common sense like, who's that guy from New England.
    independents were voter that were eventually herded into corners by this criminal cabal to be held to their criminal will for justice.
    Party loyalty became more important than the problems.

  3. A system was set up for a account for independents to reach the public when they run for office.
    what happens, both parties dip into the funds and how information is presented concerning government is inflated for doing nothing.
    or it's used as a political tactic to disrupt or diminish which was not it's function. but everyone knows.
    that's open Sedition condoned and fostered as a business by a corrupt press. That's just one example.

  4. As long as so many of us identify against one another we will never have the capacity to hold our "leaders" accountable.

    Once there was a Mystical tree with an abundance of leaves. One leaf says to another leaf, " I'm so very afraid. It's getting colder and if the temperature keeps plummeting we will all surely die."
    The other leaf says to the scared leaf,"Can't you see! You're not afraid because you're going to die, you're afraid because you've mistaken your stem for your roots. You're actually rooted much deeper than you believe."

  5. The idea that trump should be held responsible for bringing people together who then went on to do other acts is completely unjustified. It would be akin to blaming a movie star or anyone famous at a sporting event for causing a riot because they attracted a bigger crowd than what the owner of the stadium could handle.

  6. I cannot stand Joe Biden, but are we going to impeach everyone now? Trump’s first impeachment was more than “dicey”. I can see the second one being more legitimate, but it was really just a dog and pony show.

  7. So by the media’s own poll numbers if you ask 100 people on the street if they like Biden 40 will say yes. 60 will say no. Then you tell them if they vote Republican Biden will be impeached. 🤔
    I wonder what their reaction will be. 🤣

  8. The democrats were told that when they used impeachment the first time with Trump. Did they think they would be in power forever? What was trumps policy? Are t you kidding women. Look what he did with the Supreme Court. It may have been after he was out of office but the Supreme Court changed abortion. He did what he said he was going to do that’s what he did. To your detriment you left-wing Democrats do not know how to read the room. That’s why you kissing the Hispanic vote and the your losing your hold on the black vote. Instead of doing Trump maybe listen to the needs of your constituents.

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