House Passes $40 Billion for Ukraine, No Dems Object

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia. The vote count was 368 to 57, with all 57 “No” votes coming from Republicans.

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  1. Without our name, the US Government is essentially a global cartel that deals in weapons, drugs and oil. The masses are blinded by the illusion of democracy and rights. We are slaves, no matter how much fake money you make or have.

  2. I balme the US citizens for this mess! If JimCrowJoe would have earmarked 45 BILLION for Reparations (for Slavery/JimCrow/Red lining/Lynching/ FBIs contelpro & drug war just to namea few), the good white people in this country would storm the capital and rip this country to into little pieces! And we all know this is true. But the same billions wasted on Nazis and other white people we don't hear a mumbling word 🤔

  3. It really comes down to the fact that we FUND NAZIS with our corrupt government pushing for more aid to these FUCKING NAZIS! All with our TAXPAYER DOLLAR'S 💵!! I didn't give our corrupt congress permission to fund them? WTF

  4. This is why more damage can be done under Democrats. If this was under Republicans you would see at least the progressives talking about peaceful solution but now they are all in and no resistance on the ground.

  5. Is it a sign of how far the Dems have fallen that @50:00 Jamie "Because they asked" Raskin is the son of Marcus Raskin, who co-founded the Institute for Policy Studies with Richard Barnet? IPS and at least some of Raskin's published work helped inform my college studies on international law, in particular the US Crime Against Peace conducted in Vietnam.

  6. I was in Raskins district and he is proof that these politicians sell their souls to be in office. Seemed like a nice guy but look at him now 🖤

  7. So much spending for a foreign nation and none for its own citizen. The USA might as well be abbreviated Ukraine States of America because all our leaders do not value our worth but only to those who make war with those they hate – Russia, China and other places who do not desire to be ruled under the yoke of the deep state.

  8. I'm sure most Americans would echo Sen. Mitch McConnell's sentiment that the most important issue in the world is the war in Ukraine. Universal healthcare, free education, decent paying jobs… Finland may enjoy such things, but we the people of The United States care only about Ukraine and funding and arming moderate Nazis.

  9. This is yet another money-laundering operation for the MIC like it was during the Afghanistan operation and all the wars preceding it. I am sure the Biden crime family is getting their cut, as is the case with Pelosi, Romney, and Kerry. The greatest export of the US is wars based on lies, financial scams, and Hollywood B.S. The US is an autocratic international crime syndicate. The US will perpetually start wars to ride this gravy train but, one of these days, it will be some other country that will end the US for good. When that happens, the world would be better off for it, and no country will lament the demise and no tear will be shed for the US.

  10. Love your podcasts, but don't go with blaming boomers. Some of us have been far left longer than you've been alive. We're mostly poor and either still working and/or doing everything we can to survive. I hate this ageist bullshit. Many of us have been more active in anti-war protests than any of your generation. We have enough divisive thinking in this country without you adding to it.

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