House Prices in Freefall

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More media reporting housing price falls.


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  1. They will be left with no choice, they will not be able to intervene any more, the reserve is bunkem, with nothing left to give.

    The US is still lifting to protect the supremecy of the US dollar as the reserve currency.

    All australia can do is follow to stop the Aus dollar going below 50 cents.

    This will happen.

    The immigration will not fix it, they dont want to come, it is too expensive here.

    And that my friends leaves only the bottom for housing.

    My bank is so desperate for my deposits to be put into term deposits, but i keep turning up every day to take my 9k in cash, and boy do they not like it.

    Only 66 more days to go.

    I would rather lose via inflation than loose all when the banks fail. As they will. Charmers has nothing.

    Da sh1t is hitting the fan.

  2. 4.5% pfff, Cali home prices fell 50% plus in 2008. A lot of people kept the paying the mortgage but anyone who bought thiking they were going to stay a couple of years and make $200k just walked away or stayed but stopped paying the note.

  3. Sell irrationally? You mean selling at a time the market is obviously tanking and then buying back in when market conditions finally show ‘fundamentals’ again…absolutely nuts…😁

  4. I hope thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of homes drop in value. Perhaps even crash the entire Australian banking and housing system. Let the bloodbath of economic turmoil happen.

  5. GF and I still want to buy. Anything, something small, whatever. Dont care about interest rates its just getting something thats not horrible. I do think 1st time buyers should have more power than investors though. We should have homes, not assets when it comes to housing. Investment money should go to companies that make something.

  6. Corelogic and Domain say the northern beaches of Sydney fell 13% in just 3 months to Sept 30, and are now down 18 to 19% year on year.
    And this correction has only just started.
    How much more could they fall next year when interest rates go higher and stay higher longer than is currently expected ?

  7. House prices will probably increase in value over the next few years – when adjusted for inflation.
    Middle class Australia has been replaced by a 'real-estate investment class'.
    Govt will just change rental laws to be more long term, as Australia shifts towards a rental society.
    A house price crash is not possible given the government bonds are basically backed by how much capital is pumped into real estate

  8. It's the domino effect that's the risk. If housing fell 10% and loans got called and people couldn't keep up with payments as rates rise, that could cause a tumble. But in real estate even 10-20% is a bloodbath

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