Houses Crashing by $300,000

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Some houses are losing 100’s &1000’s in value.


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  1. I wouldn't count Somers on the Mornington Peninsula as being suburban Melbourne. It's more a holiday/lifestyle home area and as interest rates rise the first thing people will sell is the sound home.

  2. Look at how the australian population is growing there isnot enough homes for people living in the big citys. How can prices go down really its impossible when demand is so consistent.

  3. In Victoria in my area in the south East suburbs anything in the higher end has had no interest. Last year they sold within a few weeks. Prices are on their way down. Big time.

  4. The only houses I've seen that have lost 300k in value were worth around 1.5 – 2 million at the peak. Let me know when houses going for 900k start selling for 600k, then I'll be interested.

  5. Have a look at the push to get people through the visa system. (Announced at the job summit) also, the First home guarantee scheme is only open to citizens at the moment not permanent residents. Coincidence?

  6. Now, you are taking it from a very wrong perspective. There is paradox in priperty market causing the most expensive one falling first. They recover same way, the first. So they kinda predict what will fall down the line and speed it will. That is the reason for panic articles. Prediction, very bad one btw. Now to demand, you need to understand that servicing debt now is extremely expensive. This is the end of cheap money, over, done, basta. Debt has run out, dude UK is going to beg IMF for more money. Demand will be there, but no one will be able to afford it. For some time.

  7. I always thought that when you bought a rented invested house that the rent would only pay for 90% of the loan then the owner would have to make up the short fall on interest and principle loan, but if these people are only paying interest only loan well you never really pay it off do you.

  8. Armageddon never comes, the central banks will pivot, just give it time. Property will drop 5-15% and some areas obviously more. The spigots will come back on. Rinse and repeat, its always the same.

  9. Love your videos , Florian. From another Gold Coaster.
    Live overseas and came back for first time in 5 years, last month.
    The changes and increase in population/traffic was unbelievable

  10. the National construction code changes wont apply to all states. New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia have indicated they will opt out of the changes

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