How Airlines Are SCREWING Americans, Committing Fraud | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Kyle Kulinski looks at the airline chaos over the holiday weekend and the evidence that they are screwing Americans by committing fraud

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  1. This is honestly a white-collar problem. Growing up, my family and I were definitely middle class and we never went somewhere on vacation in a plane. If we didn’t drive there, which basically meant we didn’t go on vacation longer than a couple hours away from home, we didn’t go

  2. What they did with arbitrary 10/1/2020 deadline is leverage that for MORE free money. They had access to loans but they only applied for it while sending the Union Leader Sarah Nelson to do rounds on platforms and corporate media to try and get the additional billions in "payroll support" grants with basically no strings. The loans prohibited stock buybacks until full repayment atleast. FAA was quick to increase fines on disruptive people on flights and I don't condone the behavior but I suspect that weren't to happy with the service overall and a bunch a delays/cancellations and no accommodations.

  3. Maybe stop bailing out companies. Banks, now airlines. The companies just take that money and pay their own executives. The government is either dumb from not learning from the past or they themselves just want to keep power in their own little group of million billionaires of gov officials and company executives.

  4. Even in the best of times, air travel was always a subpar experience. Stories like this make me glad I’m a homebody. But yeah, Pete Buttigieg is the reason you don’t give a sentient resume an important position.

  5. 🤪😄 @5:02 That reminds of that time HRC said she'll tell the corporations to, "Cut it out!" So pathetic as Biden's "strongly worded letter" to— I forgot who that letter was supposed to be addressed to. Like… that is so sad if that's the most one can do (I'm looking at you Dems). SMH EDIT (addendum): And there you have it, as Kyle points out @5:36.

  6. Maybe we shouldn't have the government picking and choosing winners and losers in the economy like they have been doing, especially when it came to the lockdowns. The whole too big to fail idea is flawed and it is driven by the liberals who think "the government should do something". Anytime they do anything, it hurts the people, the public, and the economy. Wake uppppppp!

  7. Brandon hasn't changed since he entered office 30+ years ago. Now he's bought-and-paid for Neo-Liberal corporate conservative. Anyone with a brain knew he was an old man and not mentally fit to be POTUS before he was nominated. What people didn't expect was how rapidly his Progressive Dementia affects his judgment and presidency. 24/7 endless crises while scrambling to put out fires have plagued this administration and has taken its toll on this careening out-of-control-party of pathetic losers! His campaign platform immediately went out the window within months of entering office as King Manchin and Queen Sinema put their foot down. Brandon just let them run roughshod all over him.

    He's already in the twilight of his life/ legacy and his failing career. His chaotic presidency has been lame duck since Afghanistan and it's only getting worse. For a modern president, he's an epic/terminal failure by any stretch of the imagination. Jimmy Carter/ Herbert Hoover sail right by him. Can we all agree, he’s 1/1000k of FDR! Obama can take a deep breath knowing his imploding VP will never outshine him….

    Let’s review his administration’s cluelessness, mismanagement, ineptness, incompetence and unmitigated disaster over the last 1.5 years?? 2.5 years to go, Oh my??

    • Brandon is rarely seen or heard. Hardly uses the bully pulpit, but he’s hiding in plain sight. Contrast that with the last POTUS!

    • Botched withdrawal of Afghanistan. Lousy messaging, planning and execution.

    • Slow to roll out of Covid tests. Months late. Nothing but lame excuses.

    • Blaming Putin for the spike in oil after imposing sanctions on Russia and not beefing up supplies from Iran/ Venezuela

    • Little actionable response to skyrocketing inflation, gas prices and interest rates. Just pin it all at the Fed, who impacts the Demand side not the Supply side.

    • The DOJ’s slow walking prosecution of King Trumpo. 18+ months?? WTF?? Garland s/b fired ASAP! He’s as feckless as the party that nominated him. Barr as a Dem would had King Trumpo behind bars for at least conspiracy and coverup. Watergate anyone??

    • No federal prosecution of the KeyStone Cops in the Uvalde massacre/tragedy

    • Pathetic response to endless gun violence/semi-automatics. Just punt and forget! Let the GOP control the narrative/ debate again. Thoughts and prayers means nothing!! Bipartisan Safer Communities Act is a baby step!

    • Pathetic response to the Baby Formula debacle/shortage. Again, the administration knew about this months before and did nothing!! Slow response from the FDA. Our government is useless due to decades of defunding and gutting by the GOP. Do the Dems ever call them out?? Hell no!! So they are guilty through acquiescence and rubber-stamping their policies. Shameful!!

    • No response to thousands of flights cancelled/delayed during the holidays after a $54B airline Bailout. That’s our money and no one blinks, but spend a stink’in nickel on the people and the GOP cry about “socialism”. No response from the FAA or Dept. of Transportation. Really, have the Dems outsourced all their damn decisions/management so they can’t be held directly accountable? That’s right from the GOP playbook. Sheesh! Not even trying anymore. More on this later…

    • Completely flat footed/ill prepared after Roe Vs Wade leak. Again, the Dems knew about this for 7 weeks. Crickets or is that dead crickets?? Muted response to our radicalized RW Supreme Court or Red State trigger laws. What women would vote for these clowns?? Why won’t the Dems rally the base, call out their detractors and have real solutions?? Seems the contemptible Dems wanted to recycle this event to fundraise baby!!! No matter how shady the GOP are, they always have their eyes on the prize. Time and money will never stop them from achieving their goals unlike that other party!!

    • 34 voter suppression laws implemented in 19 states since November of 2020 by the GOP/RW without problems and never countered by these so-called Dems. One side fights 24/7 while the other has been MIA for 40+ years. No wonder why the GOP win the game they rig. Well Duh!!!

    • Brandon will lead his feckless, imploding party into a Red Wave Tsunami in 2022/2024 and beyond. These slimy Neo-Liberal corporate conservatives only care about their donors, wealthy elites and corporations. The Alphas/RW are laughing their arse off at this so-called opposition party, who just knocked themselves out with their own stupidity. Blows the mind! In a corrupt duopoly, the rotten GOP automatically get thrust back into power for doing/promising absolutely nothing! The bar is sooo damn low even an ant can’t crawl under it. LOL!!

    • Over the last 40+ years, the sleepwalking Dems have no strategy, no leadership, no vision and no hope as they slowly/barely react by virtue signalling and gaslighting everyone around them. It’s a given, they automatically bow to the Alphas, donors and their corporate masters like addled brain sheep.

    • With no — guts, media, political power, weapons or Defense, the Dems have been exposed as frauds. No doubt they are subject to an unrepentant RW hydra army of thousands of pundits, shills, stooges, sycophants, lawyers, scholars and MAGA lemmings, who attack, fight, smear, demonize, bully and lie 24/7. But they refuse to counter or build their own army. Pathetic!! As a result, the Dems are completely irrelevant, insignificant and lost. Nothing can save them as they can’t even save themselves. They “Stand for Nothing and Fight for Less”. Everyone can see this except for the senile bozos in power.

    Over the last few decades the wishy-washy, spineless, clueless, foxhole, rubber-stamping, capitulating Dems pretend they have no power even though they are entitled/represent one of two major parties. They have thrived off the mirage of FDR/LBJ for decades as they duped their shrinking base, who have finally caught on and no longer give them any respect. Playing the victim, the Dems act like a aimless, rudderless dingy lost at sea with absolutely no control over their destiny or have any ability to impact their future except when it comes to their “left” flank. Then they immediately come to life and will stop at nothing to destroy them. Not so much against the Alphas.

    Why is this?? As the Dems purposely relinquished power/decisions to their masters, they have become hopeless, docile, lame, pathetic and take on the traits of Stockholm Syndrome victims. They can no longer fend for themselves or even think critically without being crippled by fear, insecurities and powerlessness. They instantly fold/become paralyzed when they sense someone’s shadow and quickly blame, lash out and gaslight everyone around them. That’s a sure sign no leaders are in control as all hope is lost forever on this excuse of an anachronistic party. Pretty soon people won’t even give them any pity. They are nothing but controlled opposition to give a deceptive appearance people have a choice – “lesser of two evils”. LMAO!

    On the opposite spectrum, the almighty, impulsive, extreme GOP/RW blindly take charge without any fears or repercussions – legal or otherwise. No Kumbaya or hesitation when making boneheaded, stupid decisions. If it’s wrong, blame/find a weak scapegoat and move on. Control the 24/7 narrative/debate!! Authoritarian/ fascist tendencies are all they have left. Kill or be killed. Democratic principles are for sissies and losers. That died 40+ years ago just like the pathetic, imploding, senile, passive, flailing Dems which everyone sees as a bleeping joke today.

    Predictably, the soulless, cancerous, reckless GOP have turned to autocracy to keep/control their ignorant, duped (MAGA) members in check through 24/7 RW media, cultural wars and conspiracy theories. Alphas have no shame exploiting the hell out of their base with cons/grifts: $250 million to help fight “Stop the steal”- Election Defense Fund (Save America Pack). How stupid can they be?? The political power, media, military and ideology wars (abortion, guns, deregulation, tax cuts, MIC) was won decades ago and now we are just fighting inconsequential, stupid skirmishes to keep their base riled up. Like the mob, they place loyalty to the party above country. Through brute force they basically control Washington, it’s policies and Institution’s underpinnings. Brazen, arrogant and lawless without scruples or morals, they are 100% invincible unless people in their ranks speak up, but they (Cassidy Hutchinson and Michael Cohen) instantly feel the ire/wrath and blowback from this uncontrollable monster they have spawned! Even these “traitors” are nothing but speed bumps as the GOP/RW media/political machine crush them in a heartbeat.

    We’re screwed people!! The corrupt, grifting, immoral, tag team, duopoly we have today has been a complete failure for our Democracy and the American people. All they care about is grabbing more power, wealth and hegemony over all of us as these grifting parties move Rightward in tandem!! Governing, enforcing and executing our laws are for the birds. One party is above it and the other party is AWOL! We need to try something different.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We must act now before everything is taken/destroyed by the Kleptocracy!!!

    There is only one solution left – 3rd parties – ASAP. Boot them all out of office; especially the unethical, shameless, fearless, bigoted, soulless, greedy, immoral, sleazy clowns/frauds/leeches on the Right. The sooner we start over, the sooner we can move forward as a country!

  8. You can't fix this with more government. Bureaucracies can easily be corrupted and have little accountability. The government should never have bailed any of these companies out. Let them fail. It's not as if these companies go "poof" and just disappear. If Delta went bankrupt, its assets would be bought and employees hired by other interests that would have no influence over regulation. Government shields companies, not challenges them. Only other companies in a competitive market really force companies to do better. GM didn't start making more fuel efficient cars because DC told them; they did it because Toyota started eating their lunch.

  9. DEMS are gonna get exactly what they deserve. Their inaction has caused so much economic despair that they will ultimately be responsible for the fascist that will take their place.

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