How (And Why) Donald Trump Tweets

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Blue Wednesday, “Cereal Killa”

Blue Wednesday, “Sweet Berry Wine”

Blue Wednesday, “backyardbarbecue”

Written by Nerdwriter1


  1. @realDonaldTrump Trump is a mad man. He taunts the Press/Reporters and thrives on their response. Why not boycott his daily press conferences, this will annoy him no end! Wake up America, Trump is killing his own people!

    Trump made them more popular than they will ever know.
    And to think I was about to get an account with them. I DON'T THINK SO.

  3. despite what you think of him, it’s kind of a smart tactic whenever he does his name
    calling to other politicians (no matter how childish it is). Like, who would want to vote for “Lyin Ted” or “Crooked Hillary”

  4. It's now official: Trump – the most dangerous man in America – is "The Worst President in U.S. History." Trump is still costing America 1,000 lives a day, and he won't even discuss it. Trump is a compulsive psychotic liar, and he needs to go. He is America's biggest threat. Period. He is dismantling the Constitution. He wants to be a tyrannical dictator. This man is truly dangerous. Wake up America — before it is too late. After almost 4 years, now you know — Trump is the swamp. Trump's anti-American criminality can no longer be ignored. Trump is completely unfit and incapable to "lead." Save yourselves in November. Take back America in November!

  5. I argree that Donalt Trump speeches are bad BUT people please
    try not to agree with everething what media sayes. Dont beleave in everything i mean. Donalt Trump done so much good thingz. He prevent war with china and other countryies. If Hilary was president it will be world war III. He is against this elits secret societies. The reason why media,pop stars,rap stars, all hollywood,tv is against him is becouse he is threat to them. He was speaking the truth about the bankers and about the corrupted government. And people says he is the baddest president -.- . Don't you remember 9/11 attack ? Don't you remember about Kenedy assasination ? The corrupted government was behind that. This was corrupted goverment and they done so much bad things than Trump. But the media ofcourse will praise them says zero bad words to them and will tell tons of bad words and words for Trump. Who you want to be your president ? Hilary ? Really ?
    The evil woman that defends pedophiles ? Ofcourse if Hilary was president the media will say nothing about her connections with pedophiles. Well that mean that media is corrupted too :(. I understand that if this guy who speak in news tells lies cuz if he tells truth they will fire him or he will be like alex jones… I acually like that guy. Im suprised Donalt Trump is still alive i thout they (the secret societies) will kill him like Jeff Kenedy. There was one picture with Donalt Trump that he saying " THEY ARE REALY NOT AFTER ME THEY ARE AFTER YOU IM JUST IN A WAY ". So if Donalt Trump is not next president thats mean the government will be after YOU. And i can't even imagine what nighmare will happen. I dont wanna see crying people from pedophiles, another 9/11 attack or worse.