How are kids and young adults doing 90 days after vaccine myocarditis? | A New Lancet Paper Explored

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. What angers me more than anything is that there was absolutely NO need for children or young adults to have this jab, they were not in any danger from the virus. My adult son had it after being threatened with loss of his job, thankfully upto now he is ok but everyday I worry. The evil that continues as these jabs are still being pushed is beyond belief. I want a day of judgement but doubt it will come, certainly in my lifetime.

  2. We knew over a year in advance that the CV-19 vaccine was not worth the risk for young people. I feel bad for all the permanently injured children (heart scarring is permanent) but the parents should have absolutely used more sense and questioned the TV that has routinely lied to them since they came screaming into this world.

  3. "they will find out about this, reason will prevail".. and then, what? there's no accountability whatsoever. The only people who care enough to pursue accountability are those injured, who barely have energy for daily life little tasks. It's up to the ones like YOU with the knowledge, the credentials and a voice to stand up against this insanity and crimes. Yes I know you've written opeds and such, but you were quiet and "in line" enough for you to not be banned. Do you not think it's time to raise your voice even more? bring about legal action? you have a strong following who will have your back. Otherwise, who's going to seek justice for those injured and dead? once reason "prevails" fauci will already be dust and his heirs mega rich. The time to act is now and the burden of action is on those who took an oath and have the strength and weight to do so.

  4. This information alone should stop the mandates to get this concoction. All of the “Stupid “ Universities and Colleges absolutely need to stop their mandates. This is so unbelievable that they are not.

  5. have you seen the whistle blower, Andrew Huff Phd- former Eco Health Alliance VP as he blows the cover off the covid story ? you can watch him on yt's Trial Site News or go see his other interview on Rumble.

  6. A quibble – a 1 in 3,000 or even 5,000 is not RARE. It may be "rare" in the field of medicine when talking about things such as birth defects or rates of complications from a virus or a bacterial infection – but when you are talking about an adverse event from an INTERVENTION – a regulated intervention that many had no true choice whether to take or not – it should not be labeled "rare" which makes it sound like an unlikely and therefore acceptable risk. I was a GS15 regulator/policy analyst/division director at EPA. I did cost/benefit and risk/benefit analysis. We (the career civilian servants – scientists, analysts, economists) would NEVER approve of an environmental risk that resulted in a 1 in 3,000 rate of occurrence — NEVER. Have political level decision makers overruled us? You betcha – from both parties — but those of us in the trenches would never let them get away with any delusional thought that a 1 in 3,000 risk was rare nor acceptable. It is especially not acceptable when it is clear that the BENEFIT – esp in this age cohort – is miniscule if it exists at ALL. This risk/benefit analysis is easy – and clear. It's not even a complicated calculation — for under 40 the risks WAY outweigh the benefits — and all we're talking about myocarditis here!! (I would argue this is true for these shots for all cohorts, but that's another discussion)

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