How Australia Went Mad (Prof Paul Frijters)

Prof Paul Frijters: The Madness of Crowds

Paul Frijters is a Professor of Wellbeing Economics at the London School of Economics: from 2016 through November 2019 at the Center for Economic Performance, thereafter at the Department of Social Policy. He writes extensively on the realities of lockdowns and the ‘why’ behind the madness of crowds.

In this interview we explored:

The loud voices for and against lockdowns, and where those voices go after a madness dissipates
The reaction of the crowd during a madness
How a group madness collapses and what the crowd thinks in hindsight
Forces that accelerate the collapse of a crowd madness
Institutions that defend against or slow madness
Opportunistic concentrations of power in the WHO, WEF etc
What nationalism really is

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  1. The level of vitriol and hatred on display by so many in the community surprised me (especially when there was no medical or scientific justification for their outrage)

    I tended to have a generally positive perception of "the average Aussie" and their character. That perception has largely been destroyed, sadly. Our country is full of authoritarian bully c.nts

  2. Well wasn’t he diplomatic. Instead of putting the blame on the Government, Medical Advisers and Premiers, Media Propaganda and silencing all dissent. Also illegally mandating a trial phase drug. Firing first responders who refused the jab he plays the safe card and is baffled. What a ruddy joke and waste of an interview.

  3. Right. I'm up to 30 minutes and finally know why I remained sane while all else around me went mad. Excellent content, though a little disquieting. I'll update this comment when I'm finished. Very good.
    Update: nationalism is the first reasonable solution that has been suggested. Excellent interview and I do wonder why more people aren't waking up. It's embarrassing to think this is how the world sees us. Great job as usual.

  4. After watching the "FULL viewing" on your website:
    This interview is possibly one of your best as well as being one of THE most intellectually knocking on reality from a perspective, millions of us have known but grappled with, of completely understanding the behaviours of so many.
    It's forced myself to, for the first time in almost 3 years, really consider the "Where to now" component and I'm more comfortable now with what it is I need to be doing for my family's long term existence and future.
    Thank you for your time, effort and integrity, you put into your interviews.

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