How Bernie Got Robbed In California w/ Fiorella Isabel

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Guest: The Convo Couch
From GetYourNewsOnWithRon.
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Artwork by Storie Grubb

Written by Ron Placone

Ron Placone is a comedian, producer/writer for The Jimmy Dore Show, contributor to TYT Nation and this is his home on YouTube.


  1. I'm tired of the rationalizing for Bernie. This is just parody at this point, he was always a career politician and a liar! I'm tired of hearing 2016 news every day of the week, that was 4 years ago, move on. Bernie wasted 5 precious years of valuable time, we got idiotic communists leading the Progressive movement, while Conservatives have easy victories.

  2. Yet my fellow bernie supporters want to still support the dnc? We have a better shot at changing the republicans then that. Third party is the goal always. And can we just stop saying Donald trump is bad cause as a bernie supporter I couldn’t listen to trump for his first 3 years, his voice would give me anxiety. When after the dnc screwed bernie twice I had to reevaluate everything I’ve ever known and do more research. What I found is trump is actually doing things to help Americans, my retirement is better then ever, my taxes n insurance r lower and Trump speaks like a human being not some polished bull shitting politician, the republicans hated him and the dems hate bernie so tell me y trump isn’t the bernie of the right? The difference is he was able to actually win the primary while the dems rig theirs consistently. I’m voting independent of course but trump is way more tolerable then biden ever will be. Trump has stopped conflicts while bush lied us into Iraq and we made it through him so we can survive or thrive under trump

  3. The DNCIA will never release their grip over control, the only way they lose is if someone heads up the party that is about getting money out of politics or helping the people!
    ✊ 3rd Party is the only way to have a non-corporate owned path to Public Office

  4. Bernie is a DNC shill. HOW are you not admitting this to yourself? SMH ?‍♂️ The problems that America faces, we will NEVER be able to merely vote our way out of. Seriously, Placone?

  5. they will cheat until the people stand up and stop them.
    blaming the guy who was cheated is SO Trumpian.

    children pointing fingers at the guy trying to help them.

  6. Ron – You're giving them too much credit by conceding we have a 2 party system..
    We have a one party Neo-Fascist Party System.. They only act like a right and far right party..

  7. So that's why AOC said at the time, biden won fair and square for california. It all makes sense now. AOC gives clout for the establishments wrong doing as justifiable.

  8. 9:37. That one swoop that shows you the need for radical change, I hope you're not still talking about changing the Party from within.
    The Parties cannot be changed from within. You'd have a better chance of changing the Mafia or the KKK from within.

  9. It's pretty pathetic when the ONLY reason the dems can give for anyone who's progressively oriented to vote for cognitively inept pervy Joe is that feckless Frump is bad. Pretty lame.

  10. Yes, the appropriate change toward Grace is normal, it is in fact the direction forward toward modern! But that territory is reserved for the psych Majors Secret superiority complex, you know the thing, Lord sleaziest, Nazi Department, moderns Kryptonite oops that's a secret, have you ever seen the early color movie; monster in the closet, well it certainly sounds cheesy, and it is, but formal, splendid Ernest Borgnine acting. it's a Nazi bragging tool….. Michael, stop helping!

  11. Nevermind DWS cheating, all the Dem primaries were rigged from the beginning.

    I’m not talking media ignoring Bernie. #ExitPollGate except it got no media attention but if you go to they did the calculations for all the early states and votes were stolen from Bernie in all the states ESPECIALLY SOUTH CAROLINA.

    Plus they removed most of the Caucuses because Bernie was the one who benefited from them.

    But Bernie decided to quit.

  12. If the American people REEEALLY believed the threat of climate change is real and existential then they wouldn't be wasting time playing politics and bickering like little children or virtue signaling like suburban white women. There would be unrest in the streets and a bloody revolutionary takeover of these puppet leaders who keep failing our species in the name of corporate profit margins.


    By that I mean, awesome for activists, but unless you've found a power gem or been hit by lightning so super-speed, it's not going to happen. There's also though a kind of super-power, which serious activists could employ. Very small and very quick.

  14. How to scam US elections. Use tech company data mining to track down all those Americans who never vote, something that is easy to pick up and will really stand out. Then set up some computers to grind out postal votes, those Americans who never vote now postal voting (think something like 25% of the population, now apply that to very low count primary voting, how many non-voters does to take to go all postal over the most popular candidate and all you need is a major tech corporation to supply the data and automate the postal vote production system).
    Can happen in the actual election and there is nothing they can do to stop it beyond blocking postal votes or seeking to confirm with the person who made the postal vote, actually did make do it.
    It is the Corporate Party, the two wings of the Corporate Party, the Corporate Democrat Party and the Corporate Republican party.
    Don't forget the Greens do not let the Corporate Democrats stop you from supporting the Greens, they still exist, they are another party, shift from Democrats to Greens. You need to obstruct the top end of the economy, the bigger they are, the less money you should spend with them.