How Bernie & Squad Actually Support Corporate State. w/Chris Hedges

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  1. A golden nugget of journalism!

    If the mainstream US population does not realise what is happening to them and continues to vote for the corporate Republicans or corporate Democrats, woe be unto them and well deserved so!

  2. Chris Hedges is the pre-eminent American voice of reason today. He's brilliant, articulate, pragmatic, and most importantly, humane. In the power and eloquence of his oratory, he is the white Martin Luther King. Chris Hedges for President and Tulsi Gabbard for Vice President!  —Jazz Musicians

  3. Regarding Bernie~~~~~~~I still think he is a very smart man who "absolutely knows the limitation of his singular position"
    in the bureaucracy. You have to realize that Bernie is the "only independent in the Senate"; and in order to be on committees
    and at least be a dissenting voice in the establishment insanity; he has to tread very carefully or the people would have "no one"
    representing them at all!!! Don't be so quick to discount Bernie's abilities; and never doubt where his heart is.
    He is a good man… he perfect?……no one is……he is doing the best he can given the limitations of the system in which he finds himself!!!

  4. So I heard on am radio that AOC is taking credit for the people's party movement. Better set it straight jimmy. She can't be a part of the people's party she's a fraud

  5. This is a funny interview because less then a year ago Jimmy "Im a comiden" Dore was singing the squads praise.
    When are you people going to see that all these " alt media " are just the same old whores with new makeup? They don't even bother to do any journalism, they use other people's work and just talk about it.. Ohhh wait… you all are whores too, carry on..

  6. Just finished his last book America the farewell for my book club. So much information and data, it is hard to keep track. Excellent book at describing the decay of the Mercian society. Amazing reading, I encourage everyone to read it.

  7. Months after this interview, drone surveillance was used in Portland, paramilitary in Kenosha, murderous supremacist police anywhere, and gangs within police forces that encourage, even rewards, murder of black and brown citizens. Yes, Jimmie's right, corporate military suppression is moving faster than projected.
    Black Lives Matter is the hope for us all.

  8. "…corrupt, corporate-dominated party,..".

    Corporate dominated party.

    Over and over we admit the corporations, we buy from, own our gov't,…. and yet over and over there is no real talk of boycotting those corporations. Why?

  9. It is not grazy…. it is a greatest act of selfishness…
    Imagine you could make a better life for hundreds of millions…. and than choosing for your own popularity amongst an organisation whose constant output is being complicit of engaging in warcrimes and theft of tax money…..
    The man is really evil for making that choice…..

  10. realpolitik is the word, as you know perfectly well. to state that Bernie Sanders and the Squad are part of the system because they are playing along with the corpdems in the context of the November election is just plain false. they are genuine democratic socialists and, having lost out in the Dem nominations game, they play along, with the sole aim of getting rid of Trump. you are telling me that you won't vote democrat in November? let's see it in writing and witness the tsunami of well deserved abuse both of you would deserve if you did.
    there's actually something cowardly about your attacks: Bernie and the Squad, at least until the election, are unlikely to be able to respond to your attacks. so, you're pissing on people who right now are unable to respond. wow. well done guys!

  11. Religion is founder of western Colonialism as well as previous Groups like moorish people the Christian and them fought 400 years relion is worse than Heavy Drugs causes wars for something dictated to them .Religion has stop people do think independently for them self science proofs Independents mind does not need any religion to flourish .