How Big Pharma CEOs Plan To Profit From Keeping You Sick!

I spoke with Dr. Bob Gill, a British family doctor who is campaigning to stop the privatisation of our national health service. This is a shocking video that reveals how blatant our government’s intentions are to take away healthcare and hand it over to private companies using a 5 point plan. If you listen to the rest of this podcast you will hear in more detail who is responsible and how it will affect everyone (of every class, race, gender and political persuasion):

Watch ‘The Great NHS Heist’ here:

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NHS campaign group due to launch October 12th.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I have watched as our actual FOOD is being grown in nutrient depleted soils, leaving US humans nutrient deprived and RIPE for chronic diseases, which is EXACTLY what they wanted and explains why ALL diseases are at 2, 5 and even 10X the level of just 20 years ago. One in SIX children now have a NEUROLOGICAL condition – that is a PHYSICAL problem with their brain!
    OMG Russell, the horror on your face when he went through and PROVED this is already happening broke my heart.

  2. The most insanely f'd up thing about the whole "opioid crisis"…

    Natural opiates are in fact a vital element of an effective multifaceted treatment program for any number of acute injuries and acute and chronic conditions.

    They effectively dissolve the chemicals that build up in an injured area for example, enabling the body to engage in a healing process, not simply by relieving pain.

    Turning the "opioid crisis" into a reason to deny people a viable safe medical treatment is class warfare, genocide, social engineering… Call it what you want.
    Your right to natural remedies is being strangled (eg kratom) in favour or the "death system" of toxic pharmaceuticals.

    Btw everyone must read "Vaccine A" by Gary Matsumoto. Better yet interview him Russell because his book is highly relevant to the current vaccines being pushed on everyone.

  3. Plaquenil antimalarial drugs is what they prescribe for Lupus patients and it's been found that it might be a part of the covid vaccine because of the lupus I am exempt from the vaccine and B+ positive blood type is rare

  4. Not that this is new but it's so sad and infuriating to see this money grab at the expense of peoples health, wellbeing and hard earned taxes. There needs to be a new way.

  5. Did you say plan to profit I think they put that plan into action years ago!!? Making a fortune from mental health drugs which do nothing but dull the senses of the patient or at the best have a placebo affect without something more credible in place and made known to and understood by those in need what chance is there for humanity, that said there are soooooo many things wrong on this planet ??? It's so sad that so many who can help by paying it back turn away quoting some silly platitude, we don't have to be losing our NHS or social care systems, make your charitable donations about the fundamentals within society, the ri h uses the NHS and the benefit system, c'mon see people!

  6. Thank You för all that you bring into light and expose. It is a tremendous sacrifice. The problem is really the "mass" At läst I see it here in Sweden, if you bring things like this the start protesting. Compare it to conspiracy Theories, look at you as if you are the gulleble ridicilous one, or just don't Care about it. All this propaganda of "fake news" are succeful. I live in a country were people who step out of the comformity are concidered having a neiropsychiatric diagnosis or a mental illness. And I am completely honest here. That has leda to those who really are awake to this,whispering about it in the corners. What better weapon are there than to claim someone is mentally unstable. I don't me an there is a Shamir in it, or it shouldn't be, but as it currently Is, it can cause extrem problems in once daily life to get that kind of "stigma" that Why we need people like Russell Brand so much.

  7. I BEG you run for Prime minister! I don’t care if the odds are against the idea! PLEASE if you do! People that want the truth will come out in force to support you! The world fucking needs you! I don’t care how far fetched that sounds either.

  8. Every time people talk about how vaccines can separate our souls from our bodies, my inner being starts sounding off big time. We are all untitled to our individual beliefs. Many truths are possible at one time. Absolutely anything is possible. That being said… We are never separate from the all. Call it source, God, or Bart Simpson. There is nothing that can cause separation. We have to stop allowing fear to dictate our souls journey. When we entertain the idea that nanites can cut us off from our spark. We hinder our collective growth, as well as our individual grouth. We are the captain's of our souls. Let nothing separate you from the divinity and knowledge that you are source experiencing what it's like to be the human known as (insert name) in this present moment. Always interdenominational in nature, and very capable of remembering everything from past lives to your entire journey back and forth throughout creation. Powerful energetically! We are NOT broken and separate. We are beautifully eternal and creators of this reality. This is just my humble opinion. We will overcome this process of evolution in fine style. Believe it with all your hearts. Then it will be so.

  9. Guess we didn't hold all the Nazis accountable lol
    And don't think for a minute that these doctors aren't narcacistic as can be and know exactly what they are pushing onto you families
    I've researched and studied these things very closely not only are these people keeping others sick they are making them severly mentally ill
    Namaste 🙏

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