How Big Tech F*cked You! (and how to stop it)

A clip from my Under the Skin podcast with former Google employee and now founder of the Centre for Humane Technology – Tristan Harris. You may recognise him from the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma”.
Here Tristan explains how our attention is being mined and that we have now become the product. You can listen to the rest of this podcast over on Luminary on Apple Podcasts:

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Youtube is the only platform I still comment on. I deleted Facebook and Instagram, never had Tik Tok… thank god, you should see me dance…my life is so much better without social medias in it. Especially in this Covid19 era where everyone goes nuts over a little flu.

  2. This guy is a farce unto himself. Not entirely wrong, but not really a clue to the what and how of the possibilities here. Go to the channel I am commenting from and watch Pushing Forward for the debunking of his idiocy.

  3. Great content @Russel brand. Time will tell
    The Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire – Bob Marley
    ALL alone your just another brick in the wall – Pink Floyd
    Who is actually programing our children's bright minds.. Parents, aunties grandparents Please watch what they put in the minds of children, they are our Future in Jesus's name Amen.. Jah Bless

  4. RB you are a threat to those addicted to their new found power and control. You embodied everything they want but they have to work so much harder at it by using marketing, manipulation and widespread social platforms of lies. You only need your gift of linguistic flair, intellectual debate and you have that one thing not one talking head has right now..charisma. You can lead, don't stop.

  5. Language is a massive power and the corruption of language is half the problem that people have I would imagine worldwide but certainly here in America. All of our laws are based in the Latin all of our Science is based in the Greek and Latin and we are not taught these laws or this language in order to keep people confused about what everything means, I am positive of that. I am not much of a Bible subscriber but always the Tower of Babel story got me to think about language as a whole. We're in that tale it tells that mankind was once able to equal God by building a tower up to him so in Revenge or basically fear of what Humanity can do the First Act God did was come down and confuse our language. That not only shows the fear that our God government or Overlord would have over us being able to actually speak together and unify but it also shows the power of us when we do speak together and unify period and the confusion of our language is the destruction to our power

  6. This guy is correct. Elon Musk said it best: Humanity is going to be a boot loader for AI and we can't have that.
    Add in social media – FB apologized for their psychological experiments which they found that if they can make you mad, they can influence your decision making.
    I like your guest, you got this one right.

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