How Can A Large Rock Be Racist?


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  1. rocks deserve rights too. just because some people gave a rock a nickname doesn't mean that the rock itself is racist. some people might argue that rocks do not need rights since they are not intelligent but by that logic a dead person do not deserve the right to not be dug up and thrown somewhere just because some people gave them a racist nickname. well then some might argue that rocks aren't organic creatures, but why does it need to be an organic creature? are we really starting to get racist against non-organic creatures? what has the world come to when racism against other humans is wrong but against rocks it's not?

  2. I used to build barns for a living, and so I dug a lot of holes. I can tell you, for certain, that the "nickname" given to this rock is neither unique or uncommon. It is used to describe any large, black, round rock that juts up into or out of the soil layer. The "n-word" because it's black (nothing to do with race btw, just a derivative of spanish) and "head" because it's round and sets above layers of earth where such rocks would be more commonly expected.

  3. Honestly, as a previously proud American… I'm really starting to hate America. It's just run by cowardly morons who think that placating these people will fix something when all it does is hurt everything more.

  4. 0:55 black people were hanged from trees? defund the trees. lets get rid of the trees for good. obviously trees are racist, no tree ever apologised for the hanging of black people from their fellow trees. i am going to cut down a tree once a month from now on as a sign against racism. you should too.

  5. dude.. you must clearly have not read about the BT "killing" the people in her house SHOT at the cops first WHO MADE THEMSELVES KNOWN LOUDLY MULTIPLE TIMES and she was hit in the cross fire. Blame her bf and the actual aggressors for using her as a fucking human shield. No wonder you can't wait to make your kids trans.

  6. All I want to know now is what the nickname was. Not because either side would then have a point, but because why the fuck would you name a rock. It's a rock, not a statue.

  7. I feel like they are just testing their power.
    As Dr. Jordan Peterson says, i child will hit the parent in the foot, then a bit harder, then a bit more harder, and then even harder, etc etc; until the parent finally says "ow you rascal that's too far"
    They're testing how far they can push. And just like children testing how hard they can hit their parent, these children are testing how far they can go, and how much power they can impose upon the world around them.
    We aren't pushing back, we aren't saying "that was too hard!" we're just letting them beat us to a pulp.

  8. The university shouldn't have even given them that much. This is a common tactic in negotiations. They ask for something relatively painless, and once you've done that they ask for a little more, then more, and eventually you've given in to every demand because "it was just a small request". This is why American POWs are asked by their captors to write "America is not perfect" onto a piece of paper as a first action to get them to eventually side with the enemy.

    This is why the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie should be required reading for all children